Ethanol free gasoline

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  1. As we all know, most gas stations have 10% ethanol except for
    Philips 66 which is ex$pen$ive at the Overland near Cole location.

    Maverik on Federal Way, for example, is $3.20 for regular, $3.42
    for premium although the Maverik card takes 2 cents off.

    Philips 66 on Overland is $3.45 for regular, $3.67 for premium. So,
    would the slightly better gas mileage with ethanol free be worth
    the 25 cents difference?

    BTW, am pretty sure Pacific Pride on Chinden also has ethanol
    free gasoline, but have never stopped there and don't know the
  2. I religiously put ethanol free in my snowmobile or else it runs like crap. The ethanol will collect more water than standard gas. Also "cleans" all the crap out of your tank and can plug filters, injectors or carbs if your tank is dirty.

  3. You wont notice enough difference in mileage to cover the extra cost of the ethanol free fuel. My sled runs fine but i know several people that have trouble with E10. My bikes dont seem to care either way.
  4. wait until you start to see the stickers for e15. gov't has approved it for all 2001 and newer passenger cars. of course nothing else has been approved to use it, but gov't doesn't care :)

    I have vapor lock issues with e10 on the lake in the summer due to the lower boiling point. cooped up in a hot engine compartment, e10 vaporlocks every time..
  5. You know... there are ways to remove ethanol from fuel. If you wanted to go through the trouble. :)
  6. The Testoro by my work has Ethanol free fuel only in the premium fuel..::)
    I only put that in my bike anyay. The 12MPG Denali gets whatevers cheapest:eatpop:
  7. Ethanol-free vs.'s not about the price, never has been.
    It's about the performance of the fuel in the particular application.
  8. Thanks.....I was just feeling a little fuelish!!!

    OW!! (even I feel bad for that one!!)
  9. Thanks, MAN! Had no clue that Tesoro premium is ethanol free. The
    nearest station to my digs is at the TA Travel Center on Broadway.

    According to the
    price for premium is $3.47 gallon as of 6 hours ago.

    Bluesrider1, guess you can now switch from Philips 66 on Overland
    to Tesoro on Broadway.

    Keep on truckin' ...
  10. The performance of the fuel in gas mileage applications is about the price
    when comparing ethanol free with E10 as it pertains to my original question.

    I would think that ethanol free fuel offers 2-6 additional miles per gallon. Am
    fairly certain that it would also save me money on Sea Foam as I wouldn't
    have to use it as much as ethanol is known for water contamination issues.

    That said, am going to make every effort to use ethanol free fuel in my
    motorcycle from here on.

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  11. I definitely use ethanol free in anything I own that may sit with fuel in the tank for more than 2 weeks because of the problems E10 has caused because of fuel/water seperation. A few years ago my Honda started runiing badly and occasionally dying while running. After blowing out the carb with carb cleaner just to have the symptoms return I removed the float bowl (OK, so it was my Honda lawnmower, but it does have high performance, racy-type HRC stickers on it!!) I found that the bottom of the bowl was rusty and flaking from water accumulation (even though I use Sta-Bil over the winter), hence the carb clogging issues. After a little research and chatting with some tech-minded folks I realized that keeping E10 in anything that might sit for more than 2 weeks is a REALLY bad idea. Especially if you own an older M/C that might be prone to a little tank rust anyway. (I use Sta-Bil pretty much all the time in the FJ) Anyway, I stopped using E10 in the Honda mower, and the bikes, and have had no further fuel related issues.
    I don't know if I have seen any fuel mileage differences in either of the bikes, but I know on really hot days (95 degrees+) both of them start easier and quicker after being run hard when they have non-ethanol fuel in the tank.
    Thanks for the Tesoro tip, G, going there will sure beat riding though the freeway construction to deal with the Sprawl-Mart traffic just to get decent fuel.
  12. Awesome find!!!

    I added to my list but I wonder how up to date that list is. One station I know isn't there anymore & they have a Chevron listed... wouldn't all Chevrons be the same?
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  13. Not all Chevrons are the same. I know the Gowen Chevron is non ethynol but I have stopped at others that have E10.

    The Sinclair headed from Caldwell towards Marsing is also E10 Free.
  14. Good to know!
  15. BuellCru

    BuellCru <img src="/images/ranks/forum_admin.gif" alt="BRN

    There is no such thing as an E-10 free Chevron in the valley let alone the whole west coast. We fuel manage that location (Gowen Chevron) and I can guarantee you that there is E-10. Chevron just finished the last of their E-10 blending project in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas converting all the terminals to be automatically blended at the loading arm. All the following states have E-10 at all Chevrons including Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho. The only E-10 free gas is at Sinclair locations which include Phillips 66 and some unbranded locations scattered through Idaho.
  16. Interesting... I think the Gowen Chevron might even advertise ethynol free or there is no posting on the pump that the fuel contains ethynol. Do all grades contain ethynol or just low/mid?
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