Eagle firefighters gear up for oyster feed, motorcycle raffle

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    Eagle firefighters gear up for oyster feed, motorcycle raffle

    Hilary Costa
    Our Towns
    Edition Date: 04-26-2006

    Fire stations are known for their gleaming, red trucks. But the Eagle Fire Department has had another shiny vehicle under its roof lately: a pristine Harley-Davidson Fatboy motorcycle.

    "I don't ride, but that bike looks good," says Scott Pruett, treasurer of the Eagle Volunteer Firefighters Association.

    The motorcycle, the grand prize of the association's fund-raising raffle, will be given away June 10 at the firefighters' annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed. Fifty dollars buys one of the 1,000 raffle tickets, and a chance at the $17,000-plus motorcycle.

    Pruett says they hit on the idea to raise money with a raffle as it became more difficult in recent years to facilitate another one of their signature fund-raisers, the Halloween Haunted Woods. The firefighters, some of whom Pruett says are riders themselves, settled on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle giveaway because they thought it would stand out as a unique prize.

    The Eagle Fire Department boasts a large volunteer staff. Nearly three quarters of its 102 firefighters are unpaid. Consequently, it relies on the money raised at fund-raisers to help support itself and fund the donations it makes to community organizations. In addition to the money used to purchase uniforms and equipment, the department also sponsors a college scholarship for an Eagle High student, donates to community sports teams and gives away food and gifts during the holiday season.

    June's Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed, which falls during Eagle Fun Days, is probably their most notable fund-raising event, attracting thousands of people to Eagle to entertain their palates. Pruett says he expects around 3,500 people at this year's oyster feed.

    According to the folks at High Mountain Harley-Davidson Buell in Garden City, where the firemen bought the bike for less than retail cost, the Fatboy is a particularly coveted model and tough to find once the summer riding season hits its peak. Peggy Myers, general manager at the shop, says Harley-Davidson has limited production of some models, and the Fatboy is one that they just discontinued making for the rest of the year.

    As of April 17, a month and a half into the contest, Pruett says about 300 tickets have been sold, with an additional 150 to 200 on reserve. He's trying to balance the sales of the 1,000 tickets so that some are still available in the days leading up to the Oyster Feed.

    To publicize the raffle, the Fire Department has teamed up with the appropriately named Boise radio station 96.9 The Eagle. In the month and a half remaining until the raffle, firefighters will appear at radio station events, and the bike's winner will be announced by an Eagle radio personality. Scott Souhrada, the station's programming director, said the partnership was a "natural fit" because his station claims a large number of bikers among its audience. Logging onto the Fire Department's Web site brings up a photo of 96.9 disc jockey Cat Lee, an avowed motorcycle enthusiast, straddling the bike.

    "They wanted to raise some money for their services, which is about as important as it gets," says Souhrada.

    Pruett says the department was also surprised by the advertising work donated by New York firm Foote, Cone and Belding, which helped develop the contest's posters and advertising campaign.

    For now, the Harley sits gleaming at the Eagle Fire Station, with zero miles on its odometer. Tempting as it may be, the bike is off-limits to the firefighters and visitors who ogle it.

    "It's empty of fuel so nobody has the urge to drive it," Pruett says.

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