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  1. A lot of riders vape to so I thought I would post this here to. So far I've only sold to friend at work but now it's time to go pubic. More flavors are on the way these are just the ones that I feel are done. Only quality ingredients are used. All of these are 6mg 60pg / 40vg if you would prefer a different nic level I would be happy to mix it for you. Pineapple Punch - a smooth and slightly sweet pineapple fruit punch. Earl Grey - strong earl grey tea with a sweet after taste. Strawberry Mango - sweet strawberry and mango with a hint of vanilla ice-cream. You can try before you buy I will bring a clean dripper and samples, if you don't like them I wont hold you to the sale. 30 mills for $15.00 or 10 mills for $5.00.

  2. Flavor update

    Dragon Fruit Cheese Cake
    Key Lime Pie
    Blueberry Sugar Cookie
    Strawberry Sugar Cookie

  3. Going pubic huh? Not sure I'd like that flavor.
  4. :rofl:. Try them you'll like them \\//
  5. Sign me up for 10 mil of the Stawberry Mango. I'm newer to the vaping community and I'm on the lookout for good vape juice. Right now I have Oak Reserve, and Dead Presidents.
  6. Check out High Caliber E-Liquid. You can order directly off their site. Everything is made in a clean room. From a reputable company.
  7. Best of luck with your biz.
    Can't help but think of this.....
    Ya I have a twisted sense of humor.
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    Stealing that one