Dyno tuning at Big Twin

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Pesticide, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. If anyone is going to need tuning done this summer schedule it now. They have one guy doing all the tuning now and he is booked in to July already.

    I scheduled mine yesturday - July 5th. It seems they schedule a bike a day and spend as long as it takes.
  2. How much??

    And does he play with carbs??

    And should I call and find out this stuff myself???

    And do I need to bring my own jet kit???

  3. Great one more thing to hold up progress :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

  4. I think he said 180.00.

    Yes, they will play with carbs, dont remember price on that and I dont know if you need to bring your own jet kit. I just told them I already had the PC3 USB installed.
  5. 180.00 is a good price. I think I paid 250.00 two years ago.
  6. I think I will schedule mine on Monday, that is a very fair price did they sai how many pulls that would include?
  7. They said that would include as many pulls as it took to get the bike to the point where he would consider it done if it was his own. They told me a story about the last carb bike he did being a pain and taking 8+ hours... but they wont stop until is right - or so they say.
  8. :eek:fftopic:Nice to put a face to a screen name tonight Pesticide stop by any time.
  9. The bike the guy was talking about - that took 8+ hours - was my old bike, a 1998 Superhawk. It actually took 11 1/2 hours, and I was thoroughly impressed with his work... Only problem was that it cost $280 total for the jet and tune. All in all was extremely happy with the job, but severely disappointed with the bike - 97hp and 62lbft at 92*F. I was hoping for a little more. Ended up trading the 'Hawk to Canyon Honda for an RC51.