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Discussion in 'Rides' started by Idaho Wolverine, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. I know Idaho does not have a Helmet law, OK. But when you are riding a top notch sport bike like a ZX10 for example, and are not wearing a Helmet, you really should not run stop signs!!!!!

    I was going to McD's with my son in my truck, and I see a car at a stop sign and a green ZX10 behind it. (This is at a 4 way stop) The car is stoped and the ZX10 is behind the car. The car goes, I am next and the ZX10 goes right beind the car!!!!!!!!!

    I love motorcycles and I watch for bikes when ever I am out. But COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! Not everyone looks for bikes, and SOME of these bastards actually TRY to run bikes off the road.

    No gear, and run stop signs............ That is just stupid.............. :soap:
  2. Well, somehow, some of the dumbest people on earth (none of us though) end up riding motorcycles. I'm not sure why.


  3. hey wolverine, I know if guy from grand view that rides a ZX10, wonder if it was him ???
  4. :eek:fftopic:

    So Wolverine, it was only Vanderbilt, but what did you think of Saturday's win?

    From a fellow Michigander in Boise......
  5. Sniedly, I think this guys lives in Mtn. Home. The bike shop that I work at part time, the owner has seen him around, ordering tires becouse he wares them down to the cords in the middle and has "mighty kid meal" sized chicken strips..............

    And Keith, I hope Michigan does well this year. Whiplash is one of them damm Ohio state guys, so I wont hear the end of it if his Buckeyes (named after a poisonous nut) beats my Wolverines!!!!!!!
  6. I have poisonous nuts and a buckeye, I saw it in a mirror one time and it blew my f@#!in mind.

  7. this may somewhat dated for you guys, but some of my fondest sports memories are of seeing woody hayes go absolutely beserk as "Bo's boys" thrashed the buckeyes.

    Its hard to beat any game day in Michigan stadium, but when OSU gets crushed, that's a pretty good day.....
  8. Any place in the Big Ten is a good place to be. I did get to listen to the Idaho-Mich St. game..wow. And isnt Penn St. playing Notre Dame soon....go Lions! And of course....Go Buckeyes!!! :dblthumb: gotta beat them Longhorns!
  9. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and grew up going to Michigan games. The only problem was that my dad was (is) an Ohio State fan. (Sorry, that's not even close to being on topic)
  10. I grew up in Brighton, but lived in A2 for several years. I managed the liquor store and deli on the corner of main street and ann for about 3 years in the early '80s.

    Ever have a chance to consume the barbecued ribs from Delongs?

    Lovely city if it wasn't for all the libs.....
  11. I've seen that dumbass out on the ZX-10. What about the 3 punks riding around on new 600's with no gear who think they're the biker boyz! They're usually at Moxie Java trying to look cool. I can't wait till one of them wrecks so I can get my next track bike!
  12. CBR King

    CBR King Moderator

    yea the no gear thing is not cool

    but dude way not cool wishing for someone to wreck man bad karma :playnice:
  13. I agree I have sceen the biker boys riding around my favorite is no lid, shorts and riding next to every girl they see and popin up the front. No big pops just little ones. Its great like the girl is going to pull over and say "take me home" come on. Its guys like that that give us all bad reps with others, and the police. There is a time and a place for fun. :slap:
  14. How is it that the police will pull you over in a heart beat for not wearin a seat belt but riding a 600+ cc sport bike, no lid is required and shorts and no shirt is ok. I guess they are weeding us out. :soap:
  15. You're right but I'm not an optimist I'm a realist. I'm not the kind to feel sorry for someone who gets hurt when they pull a wheelie down the highway, end up going down without gear, and end up taking the big dirt nap for being stupid. It's Darwinism by definition.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to get hurt but sometimes when it does happen I really don't feel sorry for the no gear wearing idiot who thinks he's cool cause he owns a sportbike and watched some stunt video.
  16. hahaha... Im glad others are seeing the no gear group here in mt. home hehehe. the kid that crashed in boise was one of those guys, the one on the orange/black tribal 600rr. My group wears gear. Were not the best of stunners or riders, but we also like to keep our head in one piece :)
  17. Yeah, Shane's a good guy, and I agree with him. Its not fun to say "I hope you crash" but it is a simple reality that uneducated people will make uneducated decisions. There are no Neuro-Surgeons that work at McDonalds. Everybody here knows I like to hoist a few wheelies, speed a little in the twisties (speed being relative to the posted limit... not to be confused with "fast"), and have a good time. But everything will be within my own personal limits.
    Think about it, the cop's not going to remember you going the speed limit in a school zone wearing full gear, he's going to remember the 3 or 4 Biker Boyz he saw pulling wheelies down I-84 in rush hour traffic, or the one's that have become road pizza (RIP), and automatically give you the stink eye.
    :rant: That's just my :2cents:
  18. yeah that guy was me and did you happen to notice i had a helmet on dipshit!! yeah.. and i happen to notice that most of your ass's were sitting on the side watching the eight of us who new how to stunt.. you know what this is some bull shit so what you need full gear to ride your bike to the store?? in 25mph trafic? i'll admit that that kid on the zx10r is pretty dumn but me and my buddys dont even speed so that is some bullshit.. why do i need to speed when i only do slow wheelies ..wheelies on the freeway and shit like that are for people with a death wish.. who the hell talks shit about someone wrecking thats pretty fucked up..
  19. In my original post I said wearing gear is that persons option. But I also stated that person with no gear on AND running a stop sign infront of a big truck (mine) was very stupid.
  20. Yes some people are very stupid.
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