Ducati announces D16 motorcycle

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  1. This is significant for Ducati, since it has a V4 engine based on their MotoGP bike. They are claiming >200hp with race exhaust. Maybe Big Twin will offer demo rides.

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    That is a big step for Ducati.
    The AMA Superbike guys have been screaming for a new bike for a couple years now (not that the 999r isn't competitive).
    Not bad looking either though I might prefer a different paint scheme.

    It would be insane to for Big Twin to offer demo rides but I'd certainly be in line if they did.

  3. me too. me too!!! I wanna ride it!
  4. Jeeze, wonder what the price will be like.
  5. $65,000, I believe. Current 999r owners are given first priority for reservations. The price includes 3 years service, 3 years warranty and some other stuff (rear stand, cover, etc.).
  6. HMMMMM I think i would just keep what i have and pocket the cash.
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    Ducati Desmosedici RR - First Look
    By Kevin Duke

    After more than a year of anticipation, Ducati has unveiled its stupendous Desmosedici RR, the first production streetbike to mimic the exotic machines raced in the prestigious MotoGP series. Other than lights and mirrors, it's a faithful reflection of the racebike used by Loris Capirossi and Sete Gibernau during the 2006 World Championship.

    All of Ducati's key players were on hand at Mugello for the Italian Grand Prix when the wraps were taken off the RR.

    "This is an important moment for us, another dream come true," said Federico Minoli, Ducati's chairman. "Producing the Desmosedici RR means offering the ultimate expression of Ducati technology while remaining faithful to the tradition of every one of our road and racing bikes. Although relatively few bikes will be made, the RR will be a true object of desire for all Ducatisti. It will be the ultimate Ducati experience, one that best exemplifies the passion and the ingenuity for which we are famous."

    The "ultimate Ducati experience" begins with the Desmosedici RR's 989cc V-Four engine, which is claimed to produce more than 200 horsepower once fitted with a race exhaust and ECU. Rear-wheel power should be in the neighborhood of a staggering 180 hp. In stock tune with its oxygen sensor and catalytic converter, the RR complies with the strict Euro3 emissions regulations.

    The V-Four is blessed with all the cool racing goodies, including lots of exotic metals. Titanium is used for the valves and connecting rods, while its engine covers are made from sand-cast magnesium. The crankcase and cylinder head are sand-cast out of aluminum. Its double-overhead cams are gear-driven for optimum precision, while its valves are controlled via Ducati's desmodromic positive valve closure system. The engine is fed by four 50mm throttle bodies and is exhausted by a 4-into-2-into1 exhaust with a "vertical exit" silencer hidden in the tailsection. Power is transferred via a hydraulically actuated dry multi-plate slipper clutch through a six-speed cassette-style transmission that facilitates easier internal gearing changes.

    No surprises in the chassis department, as the RR uses Ducati's traditional trellis frame made from ALS 450 steel. Ducati says the RR's steering geometry is the same as the 2006 MotoGP bike. Out back, a long swingarm is made up of cast, forged and pressed aluminum. The seat/tailsection is made from lightweight carbon fiber. The chassis is balanced on Marchesini forged and machined magnesium wheels, a first for a production streetbike. Bridgestone is developing a special tire for the RR, which will have to be stout to stand up to the abuse of nearly 200 ponies.

    The Desmosedici's suspension is similarly made from top-shelf components, Ohlins at both ends. The 43mm inverted fork is gas-pressurized like the latest race tackle and features an anti-stiction titanium-nitride coating. The shock boasts both high- and low-speed compression damping adjustability as well as a hydraulic preload adjuster.

    Getting the RR slowed down shouldn't be a problem, as it's fitted with high-end Brembo brakes. Monoblock calipers are radially mounted to the fork and are actuated by a radial-pump master cylinder. Brake rotors are said to be the same as those used for rain-dampened events on the GP6 racebike, a pair of 320mm semi-floating steel discs.

    The Desmosedici RR will be available in July of 2007 in your choice of two color schemes that are the work of Alan Jenkins, the designer who helped pen the MotoGP bike and who was responsible for the bike's aerodynamic structure. The "Rosso GP" version is red with a white number plate on the tailsection, while the "Rosso GP Team Version" has a white stripe on the fairing similar to that of the MotoGP bikes. A team sponsor decal kit is included with each bike.

    "The Desmosedici RR is a true Grand Prix replica," commented Claudio Domenicali, Ducati's Product Director and the Managing Director of the Ducati Corse race team. "The technological level of this bike is extraordinarily high, and for the first time ever, all the authentic performance and technology of the ultimate MotoGP racing machine have been transferred to a road-going motorcycle."

    If you fancy yourself as an owner of this dazzling machine, you'd better prepare to cough up a staggering $65,000. And even if you have that kind of money, there's no guarantee you'll get one. Those who already have a 999R in their garage get first dibs until September 30; the rest of us poor sods will have to hope they don't all want the RR. Ducati dealers are taking reservations for the RR beginning on June 2 for the 400-or-so units to be produced each year.

    Nearly as stunning as the RR's price tag is the backing it is getting from Ducati. The Desmosedici comes with a three-year warrantee, and scheduled maintenance is free of charge for three years!

    For those who might speculate the V-Four will supplant Ducati's trademark V-Twin, think again. The boys from Bologna have no intention of abandoning the engine formula that made the company what it is today.

    "The twin-cylinder remains and will continue to remain Ducati's traditional engine, having equipped all of our production models in the past and equipping them in the future," affirmed Minoli at the Desmosedici's launch.

    What Ducati's head honcho didn't say was that the company is currently working on a larger-displacement V-Twin, with perhaps as much as 1200cc, and there have been strong lobbying efforts made with the World Superbike organizers to allow for a higher displacement regulation for twin-cylinder powerplants. Stay tuned!
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    DUCATI DESMOSEDICI RR Technical Specifications

    Engine: L-4 cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, Desmodromic, 4 valves per cylinder, gear driven camshafts
    Displacement: 989 cc
    Power: More than 200 HP @ 13,500 rpm
    Torque: N/A
    Fuel injection: Four 50 mm Magneti Marelli throttle bodies, 12-hole "microjet" with injectors over throttle, manual idle control
    Exhaust: 4 into 2 into 1 - Vertical Exit exhaust/silencer
    Emissions: Euro 3
    Trasmission: 6-speed; Cassette type
    Clutch: Dry multi-plate slipper clutch
    Body: Full carbon fiber bodywork
    Frame: Tubular steel trellis hybrid, carbon fibre seat support, aluminium swingarm
    Front Suspension: Ohlins 'FG353' PFF forks USD 43 mm pressurized, with preload, rebound and compression adjustment, TiN coated sliders
    Front Wheel: Marchesini forged and machined magnesium alloy wheels, with 7 spoke design as GP6
    Rear Suspension: Ohlins rear shock, with rebound, low/high speed compression adjustment, and hydraulic preload adjustment
    Rear Wheel: Marchesini forged and machined magnesium alloy wheels, with 7 spoke design as GP6
    Tires: Bridgestone
    Front Brake: Two Brembo radial "monoblock" callipers with four 34 mm pistons; two semi-floating 320 mm x 6 mm discs, with machined flange: the same as GP6 wet race set-up
    Rear Brake: 240 mm fixed disc, floating calliper with two 34 mm pistons
    Fuel tank: Aluminium alloy
    Dry Weight:N/A
    New lightweight Corse electronic multifunction dashboard with LCD 'bar' graph tachometer, trip/odometer, anti-theft immobilizer, lap time measurement, oil pressure, fuel reserve, EOBD, clock, air temperature, rev counter.
    (1) Desmosedici RR: Rosso GP with a white number plate on the tail section
    (2) Desmosedici RR "Team Version": Rosso GP with broad white fairing stripe.
    A team sponsor decal kit will be provided with each bike.
    Single-seat only
  9. too much information
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    Wow, she's a beauty. I'm going to call her B.I.L.R (bike I'd like to ride).
  11. I want a set of those mirrors, i think they would look good on a Honda
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    I like the miorrors too but they kinda look like my dogs ears. Except my dogs ears don't blink when he turns.
  13. I think its really pretty
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    I really like it. They've got pictures of it without the white stripes and it looks better.
    I'm positive that I don't like it enough to pay $60,000 but I'd take it if they were giving it away.