Dual sport rider looking for riders

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  1. Hi!

    Me and my wife moved to Boise about 6 months ago, and would like to find a good group of dual sport bikers/explorers to hook up with.
    I'm up for day trips and multi day trips on weekends or weekdays. Dirt roads and trails, sand and mud. Anything that takes me to new places.
    I'd love to explore every nook and cranny of this part of the country, but as it sometimes gets pretty remote I'd like to have someone else around.

    We came back about a year ago from a six months trip riding KLR:s from Utah to Argentina through back roads and more untraveled paths.
    We've since sold the KLR:s and I'm now riding a XR650L.

    I don't know how alive this forum is for dual sport riders, and if there is some other meeting place for us around.

    Any info would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi there. I will be hitting the dirt once it warms up again. I usually go for dirt roads and 2 track but sometimes just have to see where that trail goes...... No matter how many times I have gone through stuff thinking "sure hope I don't have to ride back up/down that" I end up doing it. My schedule is very flexible so I ride when the weather is good for riding. Shoot me a PM and I'll get in touch before the first ride of the season.
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  3. Enok, I've been looking for dual sport riders as well. I ride a street legal XR650R! All my buddies are sportbike riders. I'm always down to ride. I've done a little riding up 8th street, Idaho City and up near Pine/Featherville area. As soon as the weather warms up a little, let's go! Shoot me a PM.