Drag Racing at Firebird (schedule, getting started, etc)

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Hozhead, Aug 25, 2006.

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    For those who are interested in doing a few drag races on their street bikes, Firebird raceway offers street nights where you can compete (or just run for fun) with minimal cost and preparation. Several of the BRN members have been to a few and had a great time so here's your chance to join the fun.

    For the schedule, look for "Street Legal" and "Night Fever" on the Firebird schedule:

    Upcoming events are:
    Aug 26th
    Sept 1st
    Sept 23rd

    Street Legal Bike
    Number Plate (on the side)
    Tip Over Switch or Tethered Kill for 10.99 and Faster
    - Almost all fuel injected bikes have a tip over (bank angle) kill switch.

    Full Face Helmet (Snell 95 or newer)
    Leather or Textile Jacket
    Leather or Textile Pants (if over 120 mph)
    Boots - Above The Ankle

    NHRA insurance 10.99 quicker(they usually don't enforce this)
    NHRA racers license for 9.99 and quicker(very few people need this)

    ** Thanks to Bungeeguy for Additional Requirements Info

    FYI: This sticky is a work in progress.... those who have been to Firebird, please post up the info we need to get going.
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    I would be interested in being a Pit Monkey for someone if they want. I won't do all your grunt work or hold your umbrella for you, but I would try to help out.

  3. WHAT! you dont want to put on a halter top and mini skirt and hold an umbrella for someone.
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    What, you want to clear the stands and make everyone go running and screaming for the exit?...wait, maybe that is a good idea....good seats for all of us!! if you can stand the sight... :rofl:

    I don't bare my legs in public, can't afford to hand out sunglasses to everyone...and the halter top thing? Don't think so... I won't even carry my wifes purse in public :naughty
  5. Requirements are:
    snell 95 or newer
    boots over ankle
    leather or textile jacket
    leather or textile pants (if over 120mph)
    tip over switch or tethered kill for 10.99 and quicker
    NHRA insurance 10.99 quicker(they usually don't enforce this)
    NHRA racers license for 9.99 and quicker(very few people need this)
    Most beginning racers on late model bikes will run over 120mph but almost none will run under 11.00 sec, that takes practice.
    Also there is very good racing in gooding on an 1/8th mile track, you get a lot more passes than firebird. they are running there on Sunday
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    Hey Surfbum, any chance you could post up a picture of the number plate you made? That would help many people understand what is required.
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    Anyone planning to go tonight?
    I know Surfbum will be there and, if memory serves me, he'll be competing for points tonight.

    I still need to put a number plate on my bike so I'm thinking that one of the placemats we NEVER use is about to be butchered. I'll bring along a roll of electrical tape to make the numbers (they assign a number when you get there) and I should be good to go.

    I'm hoping to be there around 6:30 but since the street bike runs aren't until a bit later, an early arrival is not a priority.
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    My plans to go tonight were dashed when my wife didn't make it home as early as expected (I had baby sitting duty).
  9. I happen to have a number for racing my car is it the same? i am also curious about the plate for your number that you need. I am in no hurry though because Ill have to get better gloves and pants before I can take it out there Maybe next year :mad:
  10. You can use the same number.. Plate on right side and need to be able to change your dial in time
  11. Here are a couple pics to help. Dial board needs to be on right side of bike. The second pic is the board off my girlfriends bike I think she bought it at fredmeyer and it is a dry erase dorm door. She just drilled small holes in it and zip ties it straight to her exhaust.
  12. Thanks for the Pics that clears all Questions!
  13. I have been thinking of getting into this my self, I have a buddy that race the US army bike out there, and most of the time when I am out there I am in his pit. I wan tto go for the Aug 2 race..
  14. Hey Bungee, how about posting up some more pics of your turbo GSX-R. How much work was involved with that etc etc.
  15. More work than you would ever guess, I am still trying to get all the bugs worked out. I have been running the bike all year with a dry nitrous system and just recently went to the turbo. I was working on it tonite and will be putting on methanol injection this week. I should have it out at Firebird Friday night and it will have the body work on it then and be all polished up.
  16. SO bungeeguy do you take that thing off any cool jumps?

    lol nice set up