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  1. Hey folks, I'm pretty uneducated on this subject so I'm looking for some help. I've been trying to get some ideas about how I can upgrade from carrying just a map when I'm out riding, especially for exploring new areas. I have an old GPS tossed in the hunting closet that I just don't use because 1)it gets terrible sat. "reception" and 2)it's only good for tracking where I've been, not following a set "course". What I'm looking for is a way to load detailed maps that I could then follow once I'm out on the trail. I love the trails.Idaho.gov site, I get on there pretty often and usually just end up printing out sections that I want to ride. Is there an easier way to be doing this? Maybe even something for Iphone?
  2. I heard of an app that shows all the trails and FR's and roads like in a Benchmark, but I can't remember what it was named. I guess as long as your phone can get some sort of signal I think it stores the maps on your phone, but then shows your position and direction in real time. I'll ask a friend, I think he runs it.

  3. The app I use is called Avenza PDF Maps. Once you download the app, you can then download the motor vehicle maps for free or pay for the color forest service maps. It's a great app and I rarely use my gps anymore.
  4. Thanks, let me know if you find out! I'm hoping to find something I can use while away from cell signal.

    Sweet, I'm downloading this as i type! I'm so sick of carrying around and unfolding those huge white motor vehicle maps! When you're riding without data coverage does it show your location in the app? Or is it just a way to save maps? Can you save multiple maps?
  5. Yes the app works without cell service, it relies on the gps signal from your phone. and your location will show up as a blue dot (atleast on iphone). I have downloaded all the nearby motor vehicle maps. There are even some snowmobile grooming maps on there, if you sled in the winter.
  6. Thanks for the tip man! Got the app last week, downloaded a ton of maps and got to go test it out. Just got back from an amazing weekend riding in the Warm Lake area. I wouldn't have been nearly as comfortable going into some new areas if I was just carrying a paper map. That app is amazing, I can't believe it's free! Looks like the GPS is staying in the closet! I'll post some pictures soon.
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  7. Here are a couple pictures I was able to snap during a ride. Rode Telephone Ridge trail #112 to the Rice Peak Lookout, and dropped back down off the North side on trail #102 to take road 478 out.

    Wife and I's steeds, gaining elevation.

    Rice Peak Lookout visible to the upper right:


    Nearing the top. This last part was a doozy! Lots of big, loose, steep rocks! The bike was starting to feel the elevation by now.

    View from 8696'. Barely seen to the left is Rice Lake. Just out of frame is Warm Lake to far right.

    Had a great first time up in that area (on dirt), can't wait to explore more of those trails!
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  8. Side question... where do you go to download maps for the Avenza App?
  9. Maps can be found on the app itself, in the "store" (many are free). Or, for the MVUM, go to http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/boise/maps-pubs/?cid=STELPRDB5053223 from your phone, open the particular map you want, then copy/paste it into the app "import map" section.
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