Did The Lowman Loop Today

Discussion in 'Rides' started by XLR8, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Up to Smith's Ferry for lunch,
    then back down to Banks,
    over to Lowman,
    over the hills to Idaho City,
    back to Boise.

    The road from Lowman to Idaho City is really dirty. There is crap everywhere so we had to take it easy. At the gas station in Idaho City they said a lady laid down her Harley up there yesterday.

    Anyway, ridable but not at a spirited pace. Still fun and pretty.

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    Thanks for the report, XLR8. I'm glad you had an enjoyable time despite the road conditions. It sounds like Bogus has a bit of an edge right now with at least 2/3 of the road being clear of sand and debris.
    Lowman is my favorite route so far which means I'll be anxiously awaiting an all clear report!

  3. Where exactly is the lowman loop?? ive road out to idaho city once going past micron and lucky peak, but we just went straight through past the sinclair about 10 miles then turned around and went back.
  4. If you continue north out of Idaho City you will catch some great riding for about 20 0r so miles till you come to the town of Lowman after crossing the bridge there you will turn left and take that another 30 miles roughly of big sweepers to garden valley which has a chevron for all your fueling needs then back on the road for 20 miles of sweepers to banks, And then the traffic starts at Banks you turn left agian and head for Horseshoe Bend which could be a great ride if there werent so many :police: And then of course from horseshoe bend its just over the hill to state and eagle! Enjoy!!!
  5. It's a fun ride, although personally I think the stretch from Banks to Eagle has a lot of slow moving traffic. The section from Idaho City to Lowman is the twistiest and most scenic, but it's also the most remote. I try to be particularly careful up there since it's a long ways home if I crash.