Danskins Reopening

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  1. I'm in if you plan a ride. I've heard a lot of cool things about this place.

  2. Great news. I was afraid I'd never to get to ride there after it was closed. Have seen some great pictures of the area and it looks incredible. Can't wait to go. :fiddy:
  3. Rumor has it that it opens this weekend. Heard that G?
  4. Was in mountain home yesterday and saw a couple FS pickups with dirt bikes in the back. They are up to something.
  5. I have not heard that, but if it rains Saturday then Sunday could be pretty sweet!
  6. I called and talked to the Mountain Home ranger district a week befor the news article and they estimated a May or June opening.
  7. Damn, now I'm gonna have to sell my FZ-09 an get another Dirtbike
  8. Came back through there yesterday and it is all still closed off. Probably won't open until it dries out
  9. I called the Mt Home Ranger District last week. The lady I talked to said they were shooting for Memorial Day weekend but it will likely be the middle of June before it opens.
  10. I just spoke with the MHRD.

    They said there is a bridge that still needs installed. The helicopter scheduled to deliver the bridge was unable to do so due to weather, but is currently scheduled to deliver it on June 12th.

    If that goes as scheduled, it will be another week or so after that!
  12. Yea.....now that it is going to hit 100. :( Might have to wait till it cools down a bit.
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  13. Next thunderstorm and I'm there. I must be getting old, not interested in riding anything but a river when it's over 90.
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  14. Agreed! And with 105+ coming there's no way I'm touching that place. Gonna be a dust bowl!
  15. Gonna be fall before I go. I'll even have a new bike by then.
  16. Any report of how the trails are out in the Danskins?