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  1. I was BBQ in the backyard tonight with friends when I heard a bike coming down Lake Hazel (not uncommon at all) but this bike sounded good midrange was crisp and as the rpms went up the bike really seemed to get to run! I hoped up on my chair and glanced over the fence to see my friend Dane whistling bye on his 600RR. Congrats my friend it has cleaned up nicely and the map you are running sounds excelent.
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    That is the best sounding bike I've heard. He has me seriously thinking about getting a Leo Vince pipe. Props to you Dane even if I am a little jealous. :hail:

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    Mine's louder!!!
    Oh wait, you don't get points for being loud and obnoxious. Crap.
  4. Wow I feel like I won a major award...Thanks for the comps though I am pleased the pipe doesn't sit as centered as the two brothers exhaust nothing really noticeable after I made a few adjustments but I am pleased with the product and there are maps from the powercommander specifically for this pipe.

    So The painter recommended by KLAY was not all that impresive so i will be buying a new upper after this season.

    Shane I look forward to riding with you again soon. Hopefully before salt lake but i hope your making good progress on your bike.
  5. I know a very good painter who paints classic cars for the SEMA show he is Heathers brother-in-law thats is who is touching up my plastic right now. I hope to be riding soon every project I tear into seems to take more time than I thought but I am making progress!