Crotch Rocket Gangs

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    An excerpt from an Idaho Statesman article

    Cream of Week
    High 5 ? Five things that caught our eye in the past week
    Edition Date: 06-13-2006

    4. Crotch Rocket gangs

    Is it just us, or is Boise suddenly overrun with guys on flashy street bikes? There are a lot more motorcycles on the road in general, but the latest twist on the trend seems to be helmet-less pretty boys popping flames from their fancy exhausts and screaming all over town with rap video girls clinging to their leathers. You're cool and all, but is perfectly-spiked hair worth massive head trauma?
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    I actually agree with one exception. The rap video girls are NOT clinging to leathers. These guys don't wear gear at all. :banghead:

  3. No doubt. Strap your helmet on your seat, now thats cool.
  4. it makes a good frame slider
  5. You know i've actually been seeing a lot more bikers doing that, straping the helmets to their seats and riding. I really don't get it. I mean, if your going to take the effort to strap the helmet to the side of your bike then why not on your head? Then as they rode off one popped a nice wheelie and rode it about 100 ft. Not that it wasnt a nice wheelie, but isnt ur helmet scraping the fairing as it bounces?
  6. I always assumed the helmet strapped to the seat was for all the girls that he was planning to pick up.
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    Nope, its for stashing a can of beer in.
  8. No that where you keep your hair care product and comb. wouldnt want to be sitting at a stop light with bad hair!!