Cornering Speeds?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 1ce, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Im jjust curious to know what speeds u guys are going when entering and exiting the 180* (20mph) turns on bogus. I think on average im hitting them at 42mph and coming out at 48mph. Coming down from bogus last weekend (11th, with clearer roads) I got one turn at 49mph and came out at 56mph. I'm still playin with leanin off my bike but i think was pushing myself a little to hard for only being riding on my new bike for 2 days that weekend.
  2. I cant really say, I dont look at the speedo, Just start small and work your way up, dont push it to hard and leave your comfort zone, You will get faster with practice. Try lowman I think it is safer and more fun than bogus.

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    If you're looking at the speedo, you could definately be going faster.
    Don't work on going fast though, work on going smooth. Fast will happen naturally. Whenever I'm trying to go faster, I start getting in bad form and everything just goes downhill. When I cool down and take it easy, things start to click and I really get cruising from there.
  4. I have an analog speedometer, so all that I know is that you're faster than I am. +1 on the prior comments. Keith Code believes that riders improve faster if they ride at less than 100% of their ability (I think he suggests 75%).
  5. Cider is lying, he was going that fast last year :neener: