Concert: Social Distortion - July 12th

Discussion in 'Rides' started by RideMaster, May 24, 2006.

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    Social Distortion will be at The Big Easy Concert House at 7pm on July 12th.

    If you have to ask who Social Distortion is, then you aren't a music fan!
  2. I second that motion. Been listening to Social Distortion since i was young. I'm definately going. I saw Ministry at the Big Easy not to long ago, they ripped!

  3. Social Distortion

    7/12/06 - Boise, ID - The Big Easy w/The Supersuckers and Nine Black Alps. Tickets are ON SALE NOW and available at all Ticketweb outlets and online at

    Mike Ness and Social D. set themselves apart from the slew of Punk bands to emerge from L.A. during the early 1980s with the release of Mommy's Little Monster -- it's one of the best West Coast Punk albums ever, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Germs' (GI) and X's Los Angeles. Touching on teen alienation, self-destructive behavior and street life, and espousing a total repudiation of middle class America, this debut is one's of Punk's most articulate manifestos. Unfortunately, their future was jeopardized by frequent line-up changes and battles with substance abuse. The band languished until Ness, in a brilliant career move, spent some time in the pokey, got cleaned up and then re-formed the band to cash in on his newly acquired credibility as a convict rock 'n' roller. Prison Bound debuted a new Rockabilly-anchored sound for Social D. and revealed that Ness's lyrical preoccupations had turned from political angst to nihilistic outlaw laments. After this rather tentative return, the band put together two remarkably solid records, a self-titled LP (1990) and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (1991). No longer a Punk band in the least, these albums displayed a different sort of brilliance. Social Distortion had established themselves as spokespersons for modern day rebels without a cause. Their newer records are gritty, occasionally campy documents of America's obsession with outsiders -- good-natured, but ill-fated people who try desperately to outrun the mistakes of their past but always wind up inside the same vicious circle of crime and punishment.

    - Chad Driscoll
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    I bought my ticket the first day they went on sale. They are my all time fav band and I've seen them about 4 times already in San Fran. I was prepared to go by myself but now it sounds like a possible group ride the the Big Easy. :dblthumb:
  5. I grew up down south more of a ska surf punk ( San Diego) early 90's music fan but I love new experiences anyone got an extra ticket I have a few fun tickets!
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    You got the hook up for me or do I need to make a purchase tomorrow?
  7. They have really limted our tickets to the big easy events. Most of the tix I get now are Idaho Center. The Blackeyed Peas were good cause Fergie is smokin
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    :puke Fergie
  9. Tanman

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    So is anyone else besides me going? If so let me know and we can meet up. For some reason my wife won't go with me. :dunno:
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    If you have a ticket I can buy, I'll go!
  11. Tanman

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    Sorry, I wish I did. My wife turned me down when tickets were still available.