Cold weather?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by 1ce, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Just went to go to the store and my bike wouldn't start! It tried but had a hard as hell runnin for a second then dies...From my experience it something to do with the cold and i'm guessin the choke isnt working...sad sad day for me.
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    1) That sucks.
    2) You don't have a choke because it is fuel injected.
    With fuel injection, there is no need for a choke because the computer is already controlling the air/fuel ratio not to mention that fuel sprayed through an injector is atomozied MUCH better than fuel pouring through a carburator and igniting it is much easier all around.
    The computer will run the idle a bit higher until the bike reaches a minimum operating temperature but, beyond that you shouldn't notice it running any differntly.
    3) Its time to let the dealer (gotta love warranties) look at it because there is absolutely no valid reason why your bike shouldn't start in these temperatures.

  3. I agree. the only thing that could be a problem in this cold wheather is getting your tires warm enough.
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    I second the tire comment. I learned about an hour ago that I can't do stoppies in this weather.
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    And I thought I was "Skidder"
  6. I waited a couple hours and tried running her again....same thing. Just got home and pounded on the tank (to see if maybe somethings works on everything else lol) and she ran just fine. ??? But ive got an date with carl monday to get her checked out.
  7. CBRF2OLD? :neener:
    I'm just messin. I got your text, that sucks man. It sounds like Carl's got you in within a decent time frame too. Now I'm gonna be worried about my bike!! Let us know what the prognosis is.
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    1ce, be a little more careful when you are typing will ya? A date with carl?? That would be Carl's Cycle! And Nick, thanks for jumping right on that :rofl:

    Good luck with the shop, hope it is not something serious (i.e. expensive...).

  9. ya bout that carl...i was hopeing we'd meet up l8r that night for a romantic all leathers of course! :devil3:

    Not worried bout the $ to fix the bike, its all under warrenty, im just worried about how long its going to take them to get it done.
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    ooohh, leathers? ::)


    Seriously now....How are you getting it down to Carl's if it is not running?

    Karl (That is Karl with a K!) Not that I really care about the spelling on anything other than taxes and Lottery winnings!
  11. Well if shes runs fine again monday, i'll just putt putt her down to carls.
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    Let me know if you need a lift.
  13. Well bikes n the shop getting its "4000 mile" maintance. Even tho its at 5000 miles.
  14. :withstupid:
    I didn't hear anythng bout a 4000 mile maintance till nick told me and i couldve swore tat the owners manual. said 6000. anyways i figured that if they can still do the 4000 maint. at 5000 then better get it done, and while theyre doing that to chck out the squeak upon start up, hard start, and the small oil leak. Said bout a week and it might b done... :thumbdown:
    Hoppin it'd b done by the weekend.
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    At least you picked a week with bad weather to take it in. Any good rides are looking like nothing but a dream this week.
  16. Ya i noticed that but i'm starting to lose hope that its ever going to get warmer again...

    :eek:fftopic: (but its my thread)
    As i ride going where ever, im always thinking that no one can see me and that i'm always alert waiting for someone to cut me off. But since my bikes n the shop, i've been drving a old '93 squad car. Painted all black so it looks like its an undercover police car. Now everyone sees me and no one passes. ;D Its a nice change (im thinking i can get used to this)
  17. BIKES fix! Now you guys can get some sleep cuz i no everyones been waiting to hear... :slap:

    They got the 4000 mile fixd but didnt get the oil leak taken care of. They said that they had to order in the gasket...Duh...and they asked me, "do u want leave the bike here until the gasket gets here next in about 5 days, or would you just like to bring the bike back when we get the part?" :finger: Hmm...i wonder
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    thats like the doctor saying your kid needs a shot but they are out so you can leave him here till we get some in or you can bring him back

    what the f were they thinking :flipa that :bs:
  19. Exactly, so i got the bike this morning and what does it do...still squeaks when its prestarting...did they even take it apart?

    I like carl's cycle and and dont have anything against them but when they start doing things like this its like...hmm...i think i'll take the bike some where else next time.