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  1. New report in the works .... Cinnabar or Bust.

    I've read past reports from other adventure riders, ATV posts, and Jeep forums of this cool mining Ghost Town called Cinnabar. The curious creature that I am .... I decided that a day trip was in order to explore another area unfamiliar to me .....

    Lets get going ....

    Cinnabar Post #1 here ...

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  2. Looking forward to part 2. Thanks for scouting out new areas to ride and sharing.

  3. I led the IAMC into Cinnebar this year during the Yellow Pine Harmonica fest. We had a blast.
  4. Awesome! ... I think you guys ran all the way into Thunder Mtn? .... I only made it in as far as Monumental Summit..... gives me an excuse to go back!
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  6. We went past the monument, down the grade, and to the creek/bridge trailhead to Rosevelt lake I believe. We were getting short on fuel and long in the day. I will get back there sometime and hike the trail as well as visit Thunder Mtn. Very neat area.
  7. Nice pics. We had a rider make it across the creek, but his front wheel went off track and he actually launched vertically up the bank side, bike in a bush, him on the ground and later found out a busted rib. We backtracked and traveled through Stibnite as a few riders remembered the up-and-over Cinnebar was too much for the combined skills of the group, and we didn't want to leave anyone behind.
  8. Is Thunder Mtn a separate site or is it part of Roosevelt Lake? .... next time I would like to loop through Meadow Creek LO, Riordan Lake, back to Johnson Creek.
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  9. Let me know if you go that route, I would love to come along. I wanted to this year, but I felt concerned about the other riders not wanting to take those trails. I hear the trail into Riordan is sketchy, and up to the lookout is impossible, but you know how reading things on the internet goes. I would like to attempt at least.

    Roosevelt lake is in the Frank Church, so you cannot ride to the lake. Thunder Mountain is/was a mine area, and its forest service roads all the way there I believe, but we never crossed the creek (I'll try and find out the name -- Monumental Creek)) but we were only about 10 miles or less from Thunder Mtn.
  10. so we stopped at the base of Forest Road 375, check this link

  11. Will do ... sounds like there is still a bit more to explore in the area
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  13. Very nice. I knew that road couldn't be too bad. Thanks for the nice ride review!
  14. Meadow Creek Lookout - Remote Ridgelines

    The run along Antimony Ridge yields amazing views and a reminder of being alone in such a remote setting

    Read part 5 here ...

  15. Cleared many trails in this area, over the summer.

    This country requires a chainsaw.
  16. C1205T01.JPG

    Riordan Lake

    Many trees to clear...

    Bungie strap broke, had to improvise with a tie down strap.


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  17. Some challenging trails in this area.


    AMA National 500 cc MX Champion, Chuck Sun. Trail is faint and one must look for the
    blazes on the trees. Or the cairns, stacked rocks.

    Much steeper than this appears in the photo. Double black diamond. Likely why few ride this area.

    Chuck Sun helping clear trails. If you enjoy trail riding, hope you do your part to help keep trails open. Chuck Sun runs a Trials tire and minimizes impact to the trail, by keeping it hooked up, avoiding wheel spin and brake sliding.

    Sun setting and shorter Fall days, we had to turn around here. Look forward to getting this trail cleared. Anyone like to help in the Spring of 2016? PM me...

    Headed back. Chuck Sun executes a very steep switchback after a day clearing trail. We cut for only six hours on this ride and cleared about five miles of trail? Heavy downfall in this region. Wildfires...