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  1. I was noticing that someone purchased kerosene for there chain.where did you get it and was it considerably cheaper than chain clean
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    I picked up a gallon of Kerosene in the paint section at Home Depot. I can't remember the exact price but it was probably about the same for a gallon of Kerosene as one aerosol can of chain cleaner. Non place I went to had chain cleaner in stock and most chain manufacturers recommend kerosene anyway so it sounded like the best option. It cleans much better too!

  3. You could probably pick it up even cheaper than Home Screwpot at an actual oil dealer like United Oil or someplace like that. Not sure if there is one in Boise or not. If you want I could get the number for the one in Caldwell and see if they have a store closer to you. Not sure what the one gallon price would be we usually just by it in 55 gallon drums but I'm sure it would be cheaper than at a lumber yard.
  4. Thats what I heard When I Went To Cycle Gear I asked For Kerosene. They Gave me a funny Look and I bought Chain Kleen but I figured Kerosene Works The Best thats probably what Ill Use(kerosene)