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  1. Didn't know if everyone knew this already but I guess Boise County just hired some new :police: There are three new ones running around. The one has the sole job of driving back and forth between Banks and Lowman all day long. That is his only job. I saw him 4 times each day this week. Thought it might help to get the word out. Sometimes it pays to work for the Forest Service just for the tid-bits of information I can pick up when I'm around the office. :beehive: Hope it helps!!

    Also they patched a few potholes along there to so there is still some loose asphault and good sized bumps in some of the corners. Last week when I headed back to work I was doin' about 75 through a corner when I hit the loose stuff. The rear tires on my car actually broke loose for a second there. :naughty Just thought since I'm up there all week I'd try to spread the word.
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    Thanks for the heads up, man!

    You're actually the second person today to tell me about Boise County patroling hard. I just got back form a ride to Stanley and, while gassing up in Idaho City on the way out, I talked to another rider who'd just received a ticket in Stanley. I managed to have a :police: free ride with the exception of one officer who was pulled off the side of the road looking at the back end of the car that went over the side on the Lowman side of the summit.

  3. No problem man I just thought I'd throw the word out as soon as I heard. Try and save every one an expensive little peice of paper.

    Hey Hoz were you riding the Banks-Lowman highway last wed. evening about 9:00? I saw a bike that looked kinda like yours, didn't know if it was you or not.
  4. A few weeks back there were State Troopers up there on bikes.

    I don't know why the law is so interested in that stretch. It's mostly big ass rigs pulling trailers and us passing them. If you hit it just right, there's nobody out there. Soon people will tire of the summer heat and that road will be damn near deserted.

    Someone has to much tax money on their hands.

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    They are currently chip sealing our neighborhood which consists of 4 year old asphault in perfect condition and with low traffic!
  6. Idaho Natives call that stuff Californian Repellent. ;D

    I know this is terrible but I keep waiting for the brother who owns the gravel company to die so the other brother who is a top manager at IDOT or whatever will stop greasing his brother's pockets.

    Chip seal has got to be theeeeeee biggest friggin wast of time and money I've ever seen. But we know that. They have been doing it around here for ages. And every year they try to justify the mess they make. The stuff ruts out in one month on major roads and then it's slicker than shit there in the winter. Backwater, backass country retards.

    I'm sorry they are attacking your neighborhood. They did ours maybe 4 years ago and it made a huge mess. That shit was everywhere. Bikes here were riding on the sidewalks. That pea gravel can get caught in your chain and go to work on the sprockets.

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    There actuallly is a use for chip sealing the roads. It really does help a road surface last much longer and can help revive the road when it has become extremely smooth from heavy traffic.

    The stuff really is completely pointless in neighborhoods though and that's my major beef. It requires significant traffic in order to bind the gravel correctly and you just don't get that in a neighborhood, you just get piles of gravel everywhere and spots of road oil with almost no gravel cover.

    Its a good thing my bike is in pieces right now or I'd be pissed about not being able to leave my damn garage without riding on that crap.
  8. i had to ride on that crap and it just sucks
    also took out a pocket rocket and almost friggin killed myself