Calvary Chapel Caldwell Riders 2015 Ride Dates

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  1. 2015 Ride Dates!

    Next ride is coming up this Saturday at 10am.


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  3. I know. I'd be too embarrassed to go.

    I live right down the street.
  4. Still working on that... Waiting to see how the weather shapes up in the mountains.

    Seriously considering Idaho City.

  5. Unless the roads change with the weather this week, the road to Idaho City is in excellent condition. See my post about Lowman.
  6. Wish I could. I work Saturday :(
  7. Ride tomorrow. 10am. We'll stay in the valley because of rain in the mountains...

  8. Awesome ride today! Left the church and went down 10th, to Linden, to Farmway. Took Karcher rd to Riverside Drive, across the dam, and took the right on Lowell rd. took a left on Karcher/55 and went into Marsing, then hung a left at the first turn by the Family Dollar. Followed the river out to Hwy 78, then went left and headed to Walter's Ferry.

    Left Walter's Ferry and turned down Map Rock rd, then made our way back to Riverside dr, and took a right on Lake Shore.

    Then we headed back into Nampa and ate at Super Pollo on 12th... About 75 miles and LOTS OF FUN!


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  9. Another pic...

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  10. Dang! Wish I would have checked this thread yesterday looks like you had a good ride. Would have liked to go!
  11. You're a month late lol
    No pavement dirt mix? Burp..... Booooooring :p
  12. Yep…..I obviously can't read! Thought this was the April 25 ride lol
  13. We skipped this last Saturday because the forecast said rain in the valley and snow in Idaho City...

    See ya in May :)

  14. Fantastic ride last Saturday...


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  15. Another pic

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  16. Thanks for putting the ride together! I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  17. Maybe we could get together with the riders from Calvary Chapel Eagle??
    -I'm in
  18. Last group ride of the season tomorrow (Saturday), October 23, at 10am. We're going to Jordan Valley and back. Show up in the Columbia Bank parking lot in Caldwell if you'd like to ride with us :)

  19. Awesome I'm in, I don't know Caldwell very well... so I'm going to search up Columbia bank?