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Discussion in 'Track Time' started by CBRF2Old, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Anyone interested in doing a CSS class next year? I am considering it, but don't know what the schedule is yet. I would like to do a track day, but would rather do a class first to shake out some of my corner problems.
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    How much is CCS?

    I'm thinking of doing a day (or two) with Pridmore's STAR School. Its more expensive to do at MMP than other places and I've been wanting to try other track so maybe I'll go to Pahrump for it. Then again, learning lines and my home track from an AMA pro would be pretty sweet as well.

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    $420 if you take your bike, or you can rent one of theirs for $200 more.

    They were at MMP this last June according to their schedule
    Don't know what their schedule is yet for next year.
  4. I paid back in June to do a date with CSS on the 22nd of this month. Two days ago they called me up and cancelled the date due to the small number of people who signed up. I was pretty ticked off--if I had cancelled, they would have kept my money, but they get to cancel whenever they want. Not to mention that I was looking forward to it all summer long (boo-hoo!).

    Anyways, I was thinking about doing Freddy Spencer instead, but if a bunch of local people end up doing CSS, I might forgive them and sign up again.
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    Yeah, that sucks Cider. Sorry to hear that.

    This sounds like something we should all research a little this fall/winter and see if we can come up with a group thing. I have never looked at the curriculum/price for any of the other schools but that would be a good thing to get some input from other people and pick one that suits the needs, then set up a date for next spring.
  6. I'm 100% interested in doing a race class. Jason at Moto-one was telling me about his time at the Pridmore school at Thunderhill and I was thinking about how much fun that would be.

    Anyways, I'll look into time and what not as well. I am getting married next year, so funds are going to be a little tight... but I figure I'll tell her this is my unofficial bachelor party.

    So yeah, count me in.
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    I really do think we can get a decent size group (and possibly a group discount) for a riding school next year. Tomorrow, I'll try to get a list together outlining all of the riding schools along with costs and basic information. We'll want to take advantage of something in our region naturally but that shouldn't be difficult with various groups teaching in Nevada and more and more groups coming to MMP.