Buell Open House

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Cider, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to make it down too... though I don't plan to buy one either.

  2. I could dig on one of those lightning longs. And the Firebolt is cool but I'm not really down with the translucent gas tank thing.

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    Should we all show up at the same time on our bikes and take a few of them for a spin? Someone would have to watch our bikes though..... ;D

    I have liked the looks of the Buells, and have always been interested in how they ride. They look like they have less rake (is that the correct term) in the forks. Should turn in quick...

    Not that I would buy one though. :pigsfly:
  4. I think the gas tank is clear to show that it is not a gas tank, since the frame is the tank.
  5. Yea, I always forget. It's still stupid looking though.

  6. Hey at least you can pick your favorite color. its like the early 90's when the clear phones came out and you could see all the wires and the colored lights
  7. So did anybody end up going to this? They were giving supervised demo rides that lasted 15-20 minutes. I thought it was cool of them to offer demos and appreciated the chance to ride their bikes. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the Buell though. The engine has incredible torque, but it vibrates like crazy and it was so hot it felt like my legs were burning. As for their claims that the Buell is the best handling bike in the world--let's just say that I disagree. And the vaunted front brake wasn't all that either.

    The owner of the shop introduced himself to my friend (R6 rider). My friend mentioned how much he liked the Triumph 675 that was parked in their lot. The owner said something like: "Yeah, Triumphs are nice if you have a mechanic to follow you around all the time." I don't think I'm the only one who sees the irony in that statement. My wife said they were also busting on my Monster while I was out on the demo, talking about how much better the Buell is. Oh well, different strokes.
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    Unfortunately, I didn't make it down there. My wife neglected to leave the car seat base here so my daughter and I were stuck at home all day.
  9. Buells Are Oil Leaking Humps. I test drove one the Vibration Is Horrible as well. Wouldnt wish one on anybody except maybe people I dont Like. Some Buells Look Good But that really isnt enough for me. :thumbdown:
  10. Didn't go, don't care, would rather ride. ;D

    Went over to ride the Old Spiral Highway and other roads out of Clarkston. It is short but fun! :dblthumb:

    Umm, just noticed, this is not the thread I thought it was. It's even the wrong forum. Sorry guys. Hey BTW, I like Buells.

    Don't post when you are tired after a long ride. ;D

  11. I went...

    great bike, crappy route...

    they planned on bogus route but it was chip sealed, so the entire time was spent behind slow as**** or in traffic.
  12. Hey Cider... I'm sure if either of us were thinking, we'd have asked each other about the BRN forum and figured out who we all were... we all went on the same demo ride. Believe it or not, mykeym was being sarcastic when he said that about needing a mechanic to follow him around on his Triumph. And we weren't knocking on your bike, just trying to figure out which year/version your monster was... I was the one on the RC...
  13. Maybe my information is wrong. My friend told me one of the shop guys made a comment about the Triumph being unreliable. I guess that's the problem with second-hand information. The comments about the Monster were overheard by my wife while we were out on the demo ride, though, so I don't think it was you guys. In any case, I don't lose sleep over that sort of thing--I didn't design the bike. ;D

    Nice RC, BTW. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear it, but one of the best sounding bikes I've ever heard was an RC. And props to the Buell guys who let us ride their bikes. I don't see any other dealerships around here going to that trouble.
  14. no i wasn't ripping on your bike, i was actually seroursly considering one before i found my love (675).

    love the way it sounds, mine sounds like a sick jet turbine but that is character i guess ::)