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  1. Curious about who on here goes to BSU. There are a ton of bikes, just wondering if it was any of you. I am on a Blue SV650.
  2. I live by BSU if that counts :neener:

  3. I go to BSU but I don't have a bike yet. I think I've seen your SV though. Do you usually park next to the parking garage?
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    I don't go there but I drive past it every day. I work on Parkcenter Ave at the Albertsons HQ. OK, maybe "work" is too strong of a word.
  5. I'm too cool for school...

    wait... I guess that phrase was only cool in grade school. Damnit.
  6. I go to BSU, :dblthumb: my bike is the orange one with the logo on the windscreen.

    please do not kick it lol.. I all ready had some chick back in to it..
  7. Wow, umm OK, well I graduated from there umm a while ago. Jeez, now I feel old. ;D

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    I FINALLY graduated in December of 2004. I didn't have a bike while I was a student there but was envious of those who did.
  9. I did in the summer. Now I park near the church, behind student success. Someday I am gonna ride my bike into class and just keep revving the engine until the prof lets out early though, so look for that.
    I notice a lot of :squid: around BSU, i guess they are trying to look good for the ladies. Usually they ride orange bikes.
  10. WHAT!! I do not ride like a :squid: I am always in my gear. and I do not pull damn crap moves.

    I do not understnd...
  11. so youre the one with the orange tribal RR, nice bike!
  12. I should have addded "j/k"
  13. cool I would hate for some one to realy think I was a :squid: I try not to be lol....
  14. Quick Definition Of Squid?? Please. Thanks
  15. Actually saw this one the other day, SQUID on a CBR600F4i, wife beater muscle shirt, cut off jean shorts, sandals, and his helmet was resting on top of his head. Not ON his head and secure, just stuck on top of his pumpkin like it was a hat rack or something. I kept waiting for a good gust of wind to come along and take the helmet off.

    linky click to go to a handy guide..
  16. I let "Babycakes" take the bike to BSU at least once a week. Its the Blue GSXR750. I have no idea where she parks tho.
  17. I go to BSU and will graduate in May.. Hooray for me I always leave me bike in the parking garage... I have seen a ton of new bikes on campus.