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    Several members of made it to MMP in Tooele, UT this weekend for round 6 of the AMA Superbike Championship Series and, while a good time was had by all, it was also a learning experience. Below, you'll find a list of lessons learned by various BRN members this weekend.

    1 ) Jamie Hacking does not work in the pits.
    2 ) Marty Craggill is not Mat Mladin and won't sign autographs as Mat when asked.
    3 ) A lot of AMA riders passed up promising careers as jockeys to ride motorcycles instead of horses.
    4 ) That's not Michael Jordan!
    5 ) You've gotta bring your tickets.
    6 ) Graves Yamaha swingarm spools will suffice as makeshift rear brake knobs on motorcycles of varying brands.
    7 ) Hotel staff won't hesitate to laugh at you when you call the front desk for a plunger.
    8 ) Whether an iPod bounces or not, you're not getting it back.
    9 ) There's a difference between booth babes and booth skanks.
    10 ) If a guy tells you about all of the great bikes he's owned AND that he barely noticed the cords showing on the tires of his R1, don't take him serious as a great rider.
    10) A Minivan is MUCH more comfortable than a sport bike for 5+ hour trips.
    11) A Minivan is NO WHERE NEAR AS COOL as a sport bike for road trips to AMA races.

    More will be added later.
  2. Riding 800 miles in one day is a bigger pain in the ass (really) than driving 800 miles in one day.

    Having your bike at the track, and being able to ride on said track, is an uber cool factor that cannot be measured.

    Even at 100 mph, I-84 is boring.


  3. Hey svbmudssa...
    I think I saw you last week at the Chevron on Gowen exit.
  4. Twern't me. I am rarely if ever out that way. now if you had said chevron by Bogus, that might have been 8)
  5. 7 ) Hotel staff won't hesitate to laugh at you when you call the front desk for a plunger.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Your "friends" wont hesitate to laugh either. :flipa
  6. I am responsible for 2,6,8, and every bit of it worth while. I wouldnt change a thing great weekend!! Special thanks to Hozehead for making the Iron butt trip dpwn and back with me and :neener: to those of you who didnt have you bikes there to get track laps!!
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    I wasn't going to announce who it was!! :rofl:
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    12) I wasn't the only one with a PINK debit card.
    * my card has since been replaced. Pesticide is now the only one carrying a pink debit card.
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    Jamie Hacking did say that he kinda works in the pitts, just fyi. And the mini van was perfect and I don't regret taking it. The toilet thing was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
  10. Ben and Jamie Hacking have the same card.

    ... This may take a while....