Bovines at Bogus

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by keithp, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Lunch was interesting today....I decided to ride to the top of Bogus. Thankfully, I wasn't going all that fast at the time, but rounding a corner about halfway up (near the National forest sign) and staring me in the face is the ass-end of one of the biggest cows I've ever seen.

    I swear, if its not sand or rocks its freakin cows....
  2. We had this very conversation on wed night when we all rode up there I have had cows in the road up there on several different occasions. :shoot

  3. Other moving targets I've seen on Bogus besides cattle:

    Mormon crickets
    a large snake (unidentified, but alive)
    birds (I hit and killed one; made me feel like heel)
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    I had a deer on the road Monday night but it was right at the bridge near the bottom so I had plenty of time to react.
    I haven't seen cows up there on the road for a few weeks but I've definately had to re-evaluate my line mid-corner when I was riding up on some poo in the road this week.
  5. Pro makes a note to stay off BBR due to all the cows, sheep, goats, snakes, dogs, birds, poo slinging bikes, cops, pedel bikes, sand on the road, rocks in the road, teenagers in daddys SUV and some guy on a dirt bike. My, is this a road course or a dirt track?