Goes to AMA Summit of Speed June 16-18

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    Several members of the Boise Riders dot Net crew will be making the trek to Salt Lake City on Friday, June 16th to enjoy that AMA races live in Tooele.

    Several groups of 4 to 8 riders are hitting the road on Friday for our own mini-IronButt Challenge ('cause sport bikes aren't realy comfortable in a straight line for 5 hours).

    At least one group will be staying at the Baymont Inns & Suites in the SLC area and riding over to Tooele Saturday and Sunday to watch the races.

    The groups will be riding back to Boise on Sunday night as we're a bunch of hard working individuals who are too cheap to take another day off of work ;D.

    Tickets for the races are available here:

    We look forward to seeing you there!!
  2. Watch out for the :police:. I heare they will be looking for us.

  3. Hozhead

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    I have no doubt they will be looking. I have no intention of going more than 5mph over the limit and that's just to make sure I'm not in the blind spot of semi trucks.
    There's not much time saved going 85 vs 75 and anything over that is just going to 'cause a lot of problems.
  4. :eek:fftopic: I cant find that clip for the chain. I have it all cut and ready to go but no clip? I could swear there was one but it wassnt in the little package with the extra link? :banghead:
  5. I will be riding up sunday morning early, if anyone wants to go with me. Leaving Boise at 5am hope to be there by 9:30 or 10.

    I hope to find the rest of the group so I can ride back with them ;D
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    My group will be leaving about 8am on Friday and we are planning on going through Twin Falls-Jackpot-Utah. It will be an additional 2 hours on the ride but it will be more scenic and twisty than just going straight on the freeway. Anyone is more than welcome to go with us (Pesticide, myself and two others that don't post here). Not sure where we are going to meet up yet.
  7. Hozhead

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    And we're not sure if we'll take that route or the freeway on the way down.
    We'll definately take the freeway on the way home because I'd rather not be on a highway I don't know after dark and so far from home.
  8. I wouldnt mind taken the twists on the way down but either way works for me!
  9. AMA Summit of Speed June 16-18

    Ever heard of ELKO, NV? I was thinking of riding down to Elko then taking a left, ending up in Wendover, NV/UT. The ride from Mtn. Home to Elko is a good one, BUT there is a BIG rally in Elko that weekend. Might have some slow trafic through all that nice canyon country (Harleys) ::) :banghead: ::)
  10. Harley Riders with their small hands and smelling of soup
  11. I passed through that rally one year on my way to street vibrations in reno the crowd was scary alot of older women without the proper upper body support and not nearly enough fabric to cover the fact that she had three kids from three different fathers, two of which were named scooter. Not a pretty scene!! Street Vibrations was cool but I was one of four sportbike riders two of which I had taken down on my trailer!
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