Bogus Tues 16th

Discussion in 'Rides' started by svbmudssa, May 15, 2006.

  1. Meet at Hawkins between 6:30 meet and greet then ride :dblthumb:

    Trying to get some other SV guys, and whoever else wants to go, My slow ssa is gonna be behind whoever :finger:
  2. I went up Sat. and Sun. and there is a lot of sand on the upper half.

  3. I actually saw you both days, while i was ...Ahemmm...Working
  4. Where are you working now? (I should probably know this)

    One other thing--there were some cars racing up there too. They weren't getting out of shape, though.
  5. Still finishing my degree, still delivering the Pizza ::)

    But only 1 year left (or so)
  6. Congrats! Maybe the wife will buy you an RC51 as a graduation gift or something.
  7. I'd be happy to just get my nights free again.
  8. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    You guys totally jacked the thread! :eek:fftopic:

    BUT, I'll be there for the ride!!
  9. It was his thread to jack, right? I was just an enabler.
  10. Just trying to up my post count ;D

    I'll see you there
  11. Looks like I may make it but not a 100% sure Alxandr may make it also
  12. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN


    Just wanted to get this at the top of the post list so that people see we're going for a ride today.
  13. what are the SV guys?
  14. Guys that ride SV's :slap:

  15. Hozhead

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    Slow Vehicles?

    Suzuki Vespas?

    :neener: :rofl:
  16. Hozhead

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    Thanks for the good ride tonight.

    It was nice to have a decent crowd though I'm still not really please with all of the sand up top.

    It shouldn't be long now though, with the snow all but gone they'll be cleaning the roads soon for the peddle bikers (even the ones who stop IN the road, AROUND A BLIND CORNER).
  17. It was fun, But I didn't feel very confident.... So I checked my tire pressure when I got home.

    Probably should have done that before I left as the front was down 7psi and the rear 8psi (25 & 27) DOH!!!!

    Goes to show that Pre ride inspection is more than just LOOKING at your bike :squid:
  18. I still would have been slow,.....but not as slow ;D
  19. Hozhead

    Hozhead <img src="/images/ranks/site_founder.gif" alt="BRN

    Wow, that's scary low. :banghead:
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