Bogus Ride - June 24th - 9:30am

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jun 23, 2006.

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    I'm heading to Bogus on the 24th. I'll be at the Chevron at the base of the hill @ 9:30am for those who are interested.

    I was in poor form today after not doing a good street ride in quite a while (not to mention the two sand patches I hit up high) so I'm gonna take it a little easy. I need to get used to that road again. I still expect to go fast enough to have fun and I don't expect anyone to wait up for me if they wanna cruise faster.
  2. Dont you mean the Shell at the bottom? Not Chevron.

  3. How was your second run today.
  4. Good, except for the traffic. He was nice and slowed down for the old man.
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    Yeah, whatever that gas station is, that's where I'll be.
  6. I'll be cycling up Bogus tomorrow at about that time. If you see a dude on a Litespeed with a polka dot jersey don't run me over and make sure to wave! :dblthumb:

    I usually don't ride the motorbike up there until the fall. There's far too much crap on the road but tomorrow will be a good chance to so some low speed recon. ;D

  7. RideMaster

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    As long as you're one of the guys that stays in his own lane while cycling, I commend you for being tough enough to ride up there.
    We passed a pack headed up as we were headed down. For once, everyone was in their own lane. The inline trainers are the worst though. Last year I came up on a packs taking up both lanes around a corner on multiple occasions!! :cussing
  8. That goes for us motorcyclists too. It's not a race track and for shitsakes don't go wide up there. And watch out for cops. They like to sit in that dude's drive way about 1.5 miles from the bottom.

  9. Hozhead

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    Well, I rode it alone. Actually, that's a good thing. I took it easy and just enjoyed the ride. It seems that everyone who owns a bicycle was either on Bogus Basin Rd or on Hill Rd this morning.

    On the way down, I passed a cop who was riding up. It looked like he was on an enduro of some kind. It seemed odd to see a uniformed officer riding a personal bike up the mountain.

    My official report of Bogus is as follows:

    The road is full of blind corners that are clear of sand and debris until you hit the 5000 ft marker (aka, the spray paint on the barrier).
    Above 5000 ft, the road is still full of blind corners but its also got sand in many of them. Its not too bad until you pass burnout corner but at least its scenic at that elevation so you can enjoy taking it easy a bit more.
  10. Those damn cyclists! ::)

    It wasn't us though. We went early early so we didn't have to put up with you motorcycling types. :neener:
  11. Ya sorry i wasn't able to make it. Sounds like the ride wasn't bad tho. Im postin up some the pixs from the other ride on the other thread...