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Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jul 30, 2006.

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    It looks like I'll be on call at work for the next two weeks which really limits the range which I can ride so, instead of hitting Lowman on the weekends, I'll be riding Bogus in the evenings.

    I'm shooting for a 6pm ride on Tuesday (August 1st) and will adjust the time for Tues-Fri based on Tuesday's temperature and rider availability. It is supposed to be MUCH cooler this week than we've had for two weeks so I don't forsee any real termperature issues. I won't be dragging knee (or anything else) on Bogus this week because its just not a good idea any time, especially when my last ride was a beautiful day on the track that absolutely spoiled me.

    Anyone wanting to join me for the ride can meet me between 6:00 and 6:15pm @ the gas station @ the base of the hill.
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    Wednesday's ride will be a little later.

    Meet @ the gas station between 8:30 and 8:45 pm

  3. I can make it tonight at 6. I need to be home around 8, so I'll probably just make one trip up and then cut out.
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    Good ride last night.
    We had idgsxr1k, Ryan@ISB, Nick1983, duckillr and myself.
    LOADS of pedal bikers but we didn't clip any of them so its all good.
  5. Well i dont know whos all going and what not but i'll be down at the gas station around 8:30-45 tonight. I'll bring a CD for Hoz with all our exciting moments together...

    As for the ride, yes i'll be going slow....on right turns...but left turns i'll be running around 55%. Haven't been to bogus for a few weeks and i got a plugged tire, so no need to push myself.
  6. how is pedaling up bogus basin road fun, i must appologize on
    behalf of pedalers every where, i keep to trails my self. road bikes... :thumbdown:
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    Well, I passed on tonight's ride because I'm waiting for my neighbor to get home and give me an estimate on auto body repairs for my truck.
    I'll be heading up tomorrow night though.
  8. Well i took the ride up slow and steady...not one biker. It was good to get back on bogus but i felt like a squid with me being over cautious about my back tire. Funny thing is tho, i took a left turn to fast and my tires weren't warm enough and my front tire slid out a couple feet. Got it on film too...

    Other news is that a met some other bikers. Mark and his Son Eric. He has a GSXR1000K6 and a Busa. Gave them site info and we might b seeing them soon. Possibly even on tomorrows ride.

    (Cider was right behind them on the way down)

    As for tomorrow, I unfortunaly dnt get off till 7pm, so unless the ride doesn't leave till around then, im out.
  9. I thought that was you last night--sorry I didn't stop to say hi. I was riding with the guy in the red suit (in front of the 'Busa). It was a perfect night to ride!
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    Cool. We saw the guys on the Hayabusa and GSX-R1000 heading up when we were done with our ride on Tuesday. We also met a Ducati rider fueling up before we headed up.
    The motorcycle scene just keeps getting better in Boise as more and more people are doing real rides instead of just dragging main or cruising up Eagle Rd at 110 mph.
  11. Hope to see you guys tonight. I will be with my son at the gas station about 6 unless I hear otherwise. Mark/ Busa , Eric Red gsxr1k
  12. Hey I'm up for a ride but i'm not off until 7 so I wouldn't be able to meet up until 7:15 you want to wait up thats cool...if not thats cool too.
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    First, I'd like to :welcome: Surfbum and warn you that we may call you Smurfbum from time to time (I need to get the smurf smiley loaded again!).

    Next, I'm gonna opt out of riding tonight (yes, I KNOW that sucks) because I'm swamped at work and feeling a bit under the weather.
  14. I'm glad that was nothing more than a pucker moment. You were pretty far towards the center--maybe you slipped on the paint. Also, that turn is off-camber with a slightly decreasing radius. In any case, that was a warning sign. Ride safe.
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    Wow, that slid pretty far man, I can see why you were a bit freaked out. Glad it ended well though! :dblthumb:
  16. Thursday evening. Bogus, Got rid of the last of the wimp lines on the back tire of the Busa. Eric is going back to Vegas for high school next week. We plan to go to Idaho City Sat. for lunch. Erics last ride on the gsxr till spring. Anyone want to join call 702 498-6630 my cell phone is still Vegas, Business reasons. We start in Eagle: My house, Hill and the 55. Can catch up to anyone on the way.
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    I'm very much wanting to go for a good ride on Saturday. I'm thinking of even going to Stanley again or possibly toward McCall.
    What time are you leaving on Saturday?
  18. It sounds like you're practically my neighbor, but I haven't seen you riding in Eagle (unless you were the 'Busa doing a wheelie in front of Home Depot a couple of Saturdays ago). I probably won't make it Saturday, but say hello if you see a red Monster on Hill road.
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    6pm tonight at the gas station. I actually get to go!