Bogus Basin - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Hozhead

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    So, I rode Bogus again tonight and I've decided to ride it three more nights this week.

    I'll be at the Shell gas station @ the base @ 6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday's ride will start @ 8:30 instead because I've got something going from 7 to 8 that night. I'll probably go up just past burnout corner since the sandy corners above that just aren't as much fun right now.

    I'm not intending to go extremely fast but I will be doing some spirited riding while working on technique. Tonight's ride was better than the rides on Friday and Saturday because I slowed it down more and just worked on getting to know the road again and also worked on some basic technique.

    If you'd like to join me, please be there by 6:30pm as I've got a bit going on this week so I need to get up and get back.
  2. Tonight is my 8th Wedding Anniv. so no go. Tomorrow and Thursday I should be there.

    Cya then.

  3. Hozhead

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    Convenient. Friday is my 6th. That's why I'm not riding to Bogus that night. I may, however, take my wife for a ride on the bike that night and manage to ride every night this week.
    Damn, I missed riding on the street. I gotta quit leaving town or at least take my bike with me everywhere.
  4. Tanman

    Tanman Moderator

    I might be able to make it either Wed or Thurs.
  5. Call me what you want but its too damn hot :devil: to put on gear and ride today!
  6. I cant go for 3 reasons, in order of importance:
    1.My bike is a crushed popcan
    B.Its 1 million degrees outside
    4.I would look funny in full leathers on my mountain bike
  7. Hozhead

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    Tonight's report: DAMN HOT!!

    It was a fairly hot ride but it was actually still better than what I endured riding my mountain bike home from work at 5pm tonight (5 miles).

    Tomorrow nights ride will be @ 8:45 at the Shell station.

    Thursday's ride may be bumped to 8:00 pm from 6:30 if its hotter that day but right now, I'm still planning to endure the heat @ 6:30
  8. You are tuffer than I am
  9. I could probably handle an 8:45 tomorrow night it should be cool enough by then. I am not looking to get to crazy till all my new gear comes in but an evening ride would be cool!
  10. Evening rides...sounds good. I'll do my best to be there.
  11. Anyone want to ride over there from here?
  12. Hozhead

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    I'll be leaving the subdivision in leathers at 8:20.
    Want me to head down there together?

    What about you, idgsxr1k?
  13. Tanman

    Tanman Moderator

    I'll be in your subdivision about 8 and then go with you guys to Bogus.
  14. meet at my house since I dont know where daves is at. cya here.

    idgixer1k, gonna make it?
  15. Planning on it but I dont know were you,live
  16. my garage is open with my bike in it.
  17. I wil be cruising through aimlessly in two minutes
  18. Was fun yall - cya tomorrow.

    'Hope I didnt hold anyone up on the way down. :squid:
  19. Tanman

    Tanman Moderator

    Yup, lots of fun. :withstupid: I don't know if I can get out again on Thursday but I'll try. :help: It was nice to meet you 1ce.
  20. I'll talk to your wife for ya if you want. :dblthumb: You're going!