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  1. My name is Robert. I am new to this site. I ride a 2003 1200 Sportster Custom. I am looking for a bar in the valley where bikers, especially Harley riders hang out. Does anyone know of a decient biker bar in the Valley?

  2. :dunno:I don't think we hav any harley riders on here, unless you count the buell guys:neener:

  3. Busted Shovel in Meridian, and Victor's Hogs & Horns in Caldwell are probably the two most popular ones. TK's Bar on Federal Way in Boise, Ben's Crow Inn on Warm Springs west of Hwy 21, Cook's in Melba, Cowgirls in Kuna, and Harley's Pub in Idaho City, etc. Am not into the biker bar scene, but do like hanging at Donnie Mac's now and then which has motorcycle only parking in front.
  4. I don't think we hav any harley riders on here, unless you count the buell guys

    I always count the Buell guys as Harley riders. They are riding the same drive train as mine. Love the way the buells sound, but not enough to give up my screaming eagle pipes.

    Grumbler, thanks for the tips. I knew about the busted shovel, but I had forgotten. I think there is one in downtown Boise, around Idaho and 17th or so. I don't remember the name. Bit of a dive, but okay. Where is Donnie Mac's?
  5. Grove St. downtown, in the linen district.
  6. Never been there and don't know the name, but there's one on 12th street in nampa between Jack in the box and wendy's. Every time I go by there are lots of bikes out front. and by the way :welcome:
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  8. if people are wanting to do a weekly or monthly meetup, it should move around each time to accommodate everyone. nampa/caldwell, boise/meridian
  9. Mostly you'll hear it called the ghetto way, but I've been there a few times. :)

    Isn't four E in Kuna a biker friendly place?
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  10. 4E's is extrememly Biker friendly. And sorry Grumbler only 20something RUBS on half-ass Harley's hangout at Cowgirls. Cowgirls used to be a pretty cool place to go dance, but now it's turned into place where Metrosexuals go to brag about how inadequate their manhood is.

    4E's is the shyt, super cool people and totally biker friendly.
  11. Cool, I went there during Kuna days- when I was riding and again about a month ago with a friend from Kuna, but I wasn't sure of it's name.
  12. the 4 e's is harley and sportbike friendly considering bikejunky bartends there...also the red eye they have great burgers n beer and you always see bikes out night I stopped by there to see a friend and have one beer that turned into many and wasn't going to ride home and the owner of 4 e told me to park my bike inside the bar so not to worry and they would give me a ride home. Cowgirls did the same thing one night for someone else as well...all the bars here in kuna are really biker friendly.
  13. Never been to Cowgirls (know it's there is all) nor 4E's (news to me).
    Have had grub N suds at the Redeye Saloon. Despite living close to
    TK's Bar, never got around to checking it out although I think they
    have a cool patio in back. Weasels M/C hangout.

    Busted Shovel is loaded with smokers. Can't even breathe in there
    when packed at night.

    BTW, Southfork Lodge in Lowman issa popular biker hang, but a bit
    too ex$pen$ive. Rather go to the Haven Cafe with those delicious
    S-curves there and back plus it's cheaper with great service. Even
    has a pool table in the bar.

    I like Cougar Mountain Lodge at Smith's Ferry. The food is average
    at best, but it's a nice place outside on the patio or at the picnic

    #1 in my book is the Bridge Street Grill in Lower Stanley. A buffalo
    burger and a cold one with that view is hard to beat.
  14. You must be referring to the defunct Rider's Bar. It went TU quite
    a few years ago. Donnie Mac's is right at the corner of 15th/Grove.

    Brit Iron Rebels will have their meeting at Donnie Mac's around 6ish
    or so on Thursday, Feb 25th so, unless weather turns craptastic,
    should be a few bikes there.
  15. Bridge Street is amazing! The other one I like is the Longhorn in Crouch.
  16. Ive been there a couple times...if I recall correctly food was pretty good and they have a nice log theme going on and a nice patio area.
  17. They also have a website:

    Sunbeam Village, which is about a dozen miles out
    of Stanley, looks as if it might be open this coming
    summer. The restaurant has a large patio area. It's
    a killer ride there and back again via SH-75:
  18. The getaway isnt really a biker bar. :dblthumb:
  19. 4E's has a GREAT bartender!!!:hail::dblthumb: I would say among the best of the best!! ;)

    Creekside is a cool place to hang during the summer.. they have a patio out back and can relax..
  20. Thanks guys. You have given me a lot of new spots to try. I knew about a few of them, but most of them are new to me.
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