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  1. Im new to this page but i was wondering what all i would need to get and or use to get a 2001 cr 250 registered to ride on the street

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  2. More or less you'll need a head light, tail/brake light, turn indicators, a mirror and a horn. And of course a place to mount your license plate.

    This is the form you'll need.

    These are the required standards you can look up to see exactly what you need for the conversion.

    The pertinent FMVSS standards are: 106-Brake Hoses; 108-Lamps; Reflective Devices and Associated Equipment; 111- Rearview Mirrors; 116-Brake Fluids; 119-Tires; 120-Tires and Wheels; 122-Brake Systems; 123-Controls and Displays.