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Discussion in 'Meetups' started by BlindLOKI, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Hey all, whats up. Us guys down here in Mountain Home (meaning my brother, our friend, friends wife, another friend, sometimes another other friend and I) Like to just meet other people who enjoy bikes as much as we do. The only thing about meeting people here in Mountain Home is everytime we go somewhere, we see a cool bike, go for a closer look, and its someone wearing flip flops, shorts, t shirt and if lucky, some sun glasses. Im not a gear nazi, as I dont even have a jacket that fits right, but a helmet and shoes are a must.

    anyway, what Im getting at is... do you guys just meet up a night out of the week in the big ol city of boise? Were trying to look for a way to meet some people, hang out, talk bikes, and maybe get in some ride later on in the year.... as you may know, the area SE of you guys, better known as MH, is void of corners......

    take it easy, ride safe,

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    there is a stunt session going on in meridian on saturday
    we are meeting at the arby's on eagle road at 7:50ish feel free to come :welcome:

  3. all it really takes is for someone to pic a place and a time. You may not get a huge turnout but you will get a few
  4. Sounds good... I guess Ill just have to post in advance when we may be heading up there. As of right now im waiting to order some fork seals/fork oil, cause... welll.... my wheelies is garbage :) anyways... its gonna be awhile before MY bike is up and going again, but these other guys all have 06/05 bikes, so they good to go :) :cussing :tantrum: fork seals :tantrum: :cussing :banghead:
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    well you are welcome any time
    feel free to tell the guyz the same
  6. Damn, wish I could make it.....but the Buckeyes game is on :dblthumb: