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  1. Thinking if I should get off my lazy ass and drive .5 miles to see you guys.

    But I'll probably be an oddball with an oddball bike.
  2. You probably should...that way there is at least one bike that is older than mine. LOL!

  3. Love ur bike.
  4. Sorry for flaking out, my ride today didnt go as planned!
  5. Anybody still there?
  6. I left at 8 and it was thinning out...
  7. That was a fun time! So very hot! And Steamy! :D
  8. Were you the one pulling off the bad-arse tricks? Awesome man...
  9. had a 72 kawi 750 there and an yamaha rz350 i think u wld have fit right in
  10. Did the Kawi pull in later? I saw a blue bike that was definitely on the older side. Could have easily been it...older fellow?

    Sorry for not saying hi. I was caught in-between hurrying to head to Brewforia and it being way too hot. Plus I'm a little shy. And I was very involved with my texting.

    Chops on both the rz350 and the 72 Kawi. Vintage is just too much fun.

    Almost thought about driving my 78 CB125s there....:)

    Hopefully you guys didn't hear me kill the bike on the way out. Forgot to turn the damned petcock back to the "On" position. Boner move.
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  11. Great to see everyone! I lost a pound on water weight just standing there sweating!
    Nice to meet a couple new guys, heathcliff and his Duc. Be happy I didn't start the The Singer Sewing Machine and show you up bro, but I thought I'd be cool, we just met! :rofl:
  12. 2wheelsdown

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    It was a good time. Nice seeing new faces and want to thank Seth for a great bike night.
  13. Here here Bill. Yes Grassyass Seth.
  14. nope missed you killin it, the kawi 750 was the blue one u saw there. the guy busted out sum wheelies on it when he left lol
  15. The Kawasaki must have arrived after I left at around 8. Had a great time...fun to see and talk to some new folks as well as some I have met before.
  16. I want to say thank you for all the support you guys showed me. Honestly I didn't know what to expect but that surpassed my guess by far. It also gives me some confidence that carrying some more street stuff wouldn't be a bad idea.

    I also want to thank shotgunbetty she was a great help!!
  17. Hey wait a damn minute.......I resemble that remark!:finger: