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  1. Hey Farva whats the name of that resteraunt you like with all the goofy shyt on the walls and the mozzerella sticks??

    You mean Shenanigans!!!

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  2. Can't wait! I've been so busy settling into my new pad I need a break. Just saying - \\//
  3. I can't be there, I have to work until 9 pm.
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  5. thinkin of a ride after maybe am sure there will still be ppl bsing ad hagin out
  6. :bump:
    Dont forget Revved-Up MotorSports bike night
    Saturday, June 29th 2013
    TIME: 6-9 PM
    ADDRESS: 1540 E Fairview Ave #105, Meridian, Idaho
  7. Ya for sure!
  8. SIT ON IT???? I don't even like people looking at it too hard... Jus kidding of corse you can. I think you'll be surprised on how comfortable the riding position is.
  9. :rofl:
  10. That's awesome! LMAO - I feel the same - don't touch, just look away. Kidding, not!
  11. Damn duc owners. Such dicks:neener:
  12. thats what i keep saying. too slow and quiet :laughing:
  13. It's gonna be just right.
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