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    Skorch A.K.A. Seth, the owner of Revved-Up MotorSports

    :woohoo:Would like to invite everyone to his first ever BIKE NIGHT!:woohoo:

    Support our local small businesses in our BRN community and come and have some fun and hang out.

    All are welcome - Bring family or friends - ride or drive!

    DATE: Saturday, June 29th 2013
    TIME: 6-9 PM
    ADDRESS: 1540 E Fairview Ave #105, Meridian, Idaho
    Map: http://www.bing.com/maps/default.as...ty=r&rtop=0~0~0~&mode=D&FORM=FBKPL1&mkt=en-US

    :dblthumb:There will be $2.00 Hotdogs and $1.00 raffle tickets to enter for prizes:dblthumb:
    When you buy a hotdog you get 1 raffle ticket free!

    Come on over and just hang out if you want .... standing in the parking lot is FREE :devil3:
    \\//Let's make his first ever attempt at hosting a bike night a good one!!\\//

    We do need at least one volunteer to help with the raffle tickets....
    Depending on the turn out there may be a "slow drag" in the parking lot - winner to get 10 free raffle tickets!


    Any questions?
    PM Skorch or ShotGunBetty

    You can check out Revved Up MotorSports here:

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  2. Go......not go.......Go.........not go...........
    Houston-----We are GOOOOOOOOO for bike night!
  3. If I can actually get out of work on time then I'm down.
  4. I'm in for this one. Any shenanigans post meetup?
  5. Is your bike going to be done?
  7. BuellCru

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    I might actually buy a battery and make this....maybe.
  8. Who are you?
  9. yeah yeah whatever. If you actually rode that thing wouldn't need battery. Hope to see you out T.
  10. I will be there. I haven't met anyone in person yet so if you see me around I would like to meet some folks. Im not sure if anyone else will have a diavel there but mine is all carbon. Cheers
  11. Sweet!!!!!! I will get to see a Diavel in person. Can I atleast sit on it?

    On a side note anyone up for another BBQ after? I have that stupid drunk bitch to scare.
  12. I'll be there, would be nice to have another Buell show up!
  13. The next person to say shenanigans is getting pistol whipped.......lol
  14. :dblthumb::dblthumb::dblthumb: I'm sure something can be arranged..........