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  1. I called and Tpain was busy that week but I got my flippy floppy's :laughing:

  2. Sorry we ended up missing it. We will try to make the next one.
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    Thank You Seth. Had a good time. And thanks for having a good raffle.
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    The raffle was obviously rigged J/K
  5. I made out fairly well! A hat, tie downs, and that helmet quick release. That is really nice, makes it so much easier to get the helmet on and off with gloves. Thanks for having me it was nice meeting everyone. Sorry I could not hit up the Boise ride. Had some family stuff going on... :censored:
  6. Thanks for coming everyone!!
  7. I really need to fix my bike so I can go to die of these
  8. It doesn't mater if you ride your bike to it or not, cage it and come out and meet everyone.

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    Hey now! I bought my 10 dollars worth of tickets and won 5 times. Don't be hating.
  11. Great pics man
  12. I had some B.S. come up so I couldn't make it. Ugh! :banghead: