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  1. Revved-Up MotorSports

    Would like to invite everyone to BIKE NIGHT!

    Support our local small businesses in our BRN community and come and have some fun and hang out.

    All are welcome - Bring family or friends - ride or drive!
    DATE: Saturday, JuLY 27th 2013
    TIME: 6-9 PM
    ADDRESS: 1540 E Fairview Ave #105, Meridian, Idaho
    Map: http://www.bing.com/maps/default.asp...KPL1&mkt=en-US

    There will be $2.00 Hotdogs, $3.00 Brats and $1.00 raffle tickets to enter for prizes
    When you buy a hotdog you get 1 raffle ticket free!

    Come on over and just hang out if you want .... standing in the parking lot is FREE


    Any questions?
    PM Skorch

    You can check out Revved Up MotorSports here:

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  2. your first ever? i do belive this is number two

  3. I do believe he copy pasted :p
  4. ::) i would have to agree
  5. LOL dang it I thought I removed that.
  6. There we go all fixed
  7. Same day as the music festival. That will undoubtedly take a few from attendance.
  8. rather be at bike night then music fest
  9. Says Vanilla Ice's number 1 fan! Chris---Do the dance!!!!:beatit:
  10. chris? ricks the king of the 80's your gona have ask him about the dance long before my time amigo
  11. I think Chris is more into Justin Beiber? :laughat:
  12. nah nsync is more my speed justin beiber is a lil to new :laughat:
  13. :laughing:
  14. +1

    Besides I am sure there will be music there.:8):
  15. Agreed! And I'm a musician - LOL
  16. I Grew up listening to Vanilla Ice.. Cant say I enjoyed it then, but i'll be damned if I am not looking forward to Go Ninja done live... bwahahahahahaaaaaa
  17. Screw you all, lets go out to Karoake and Liteone and I will show all how to Ice Ice Baby it up!! That song always gets girls out on the dance floor!!!
  18. Problem solved, you and Liteone Sing Ice Ice Baby at the bike night \\//
  19. You bring the karaoke machine and I will rock that shiznit!!!
  20. But in all fairness if I sing Ice Ice Baby you have to sing either Chef's chocolate salty balls or Oops I did it again!!!

    Which for what it's worth I have sang both.......... :rofl: