BIG Group ride for July 15

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Proeve, May 25, 2006.

Any one up for a BIG group ride on July 15 to McCall?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe

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  4. Hell no to far for my lazey ass.

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  5. I am just a spuid.

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  6. Twin for bike show.

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  1. Ok, I want to get started on a BIG group ride for this summer, I want to plain a day trip to McCall I need your input, but as of right now it is plained for July 15 that is a saturday, we meet up at ______________ ( fill in blank) and leave at ______________am, ride up to Mccall for lunch and a beer, look at hotteys then ride back home... your input is needed. why July 15 that is the earliest i can get due to other stuff that is going on...

  2. Hozhead

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    I'd love to make the ride to McCall.
    If I'm not out of town (wife's class reunion that weekend), I'll definately make the ride.

  3. I am sure i can make it, maybe we can meet at my house for breakfast and then go
  4. I think I am going up the river that weekend but if Im in town Im up for it!
  5. bump, donot want any one to forget about this,
  6. Isnt there a BIG bike thing in twin falls on Sat. July 15? is mccall right next to twin or :S errr... lol I just moved here, but my bro and I are plannin on trippin to twin to see the thing in twin falls, hes been tellin me there's quite a few stunnas that way..... just an idea....
  7. Count me in as a maybe. ;D
  8. no Twin is east of Boise, and McCall is north of Boise, I have not heard of any thing going on in twin,, if you have info please post it up..
  9. McCall sounds nice, breakfast sounds nice tooo..
  10. Umm that may be more fun, I like crap like that ,, what you all think? maybe Twin for a bike show?
  11. Isnt riding to twin stab yourself in the eyes with forks boring?
  12. I am sure we can find some back roads that are better then the freeway..
  13. Tanman

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    It's always fun to stop at Shoshone Falls and take pix of the bikes with the falls in the background.
  14. I'll setup a new poll tonight on McCall or Squid town, then we can make a chose from that, July 15 is still a ways off..