Best places to buy tires (online & local)

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    I'm gonna start this off by posting the best places to order tires from online. Anyone can feel free to add local places to the list based upon price, service, availability, etc.

    - - - Street & Dirt. All the major brands. Very good prices.

    - - - Street & Dirt. Most brands but missing Metlzer. Very good prices.

    - - - Tire specials on Thursdays.

    Local (or semi local)

    1) DNA Racing
    - - - Bridgestone's at a great cost. He's at MMP track days and race days to hook you up!
  2. OK... I am getting my new tire but I need some help to replace it. Anybody???

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    I can mount tires but brand new wheels scare me because I'm doing it with hand tools in my garage and I'm not perfect at it. I'm also pretty swamped this week with work. If you can wait 'till next week, I can help out.

    From what I hear, Big Twin Cycle is a good place to go for getting a tire mounted that you didn't buy from them.
  4. Motorcycle Superstore smoked everybodys price for a set of Pirreli Diablos - $235 delivered. Carls installed them for $40 including balance.
  5. Here in Mtn. Home, my guy Bob Wortham at Mountain West Motorsports (587-9340) has a SMOKE'N deal on Pirelli Diablo CORSA's! I think $250 a set for 120/180's. The 120/190's are just a few bucks more.

    On line, try and
    MAW online has good close out deals, so check the close-outs first.

    But call Bob in Mtn. Home, he is very good to deal with.