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  1. I rode to Idaho City yesterday, talked with some nice guys on BMW's and they gave some grim news. This is from the Idaho Transportation Website:
    SH 55: at Garden Valley Road
    roadway reduced to one lane, delays, paving operations -- pilot car in operation ? until August 8

    last updated July 19
    This project is a chip seal project on the Banks to Lowman Highway (Milepost 0.0 - 25.05). The chip seal is the full length of the highway. Pilot Cars will be used on this project. expect delays of 15 to 30 minutes.

    Granted, this should only be until August 8th ** :lies:**, but if they do it right, it could be nice... but if they do a terrible job... well... then, I'd have to think its a Boise County Sherrif's office conspiracy. I don't know about anybody else, but when my neighborhood was chip sealed, they didn't bother to flatten the gravel out, so now the road looks even worse, with ripples and ridges in the pavement. That's certainly something we don't want on that nice little stretch, and if its all crappy, I won't take the chance of flying down that stretch of highway.

  2. Still not good. It's 35 MPH from Lowman almost till Banks. It is fairly nice from Lowman till about garden valley but it is still 35 mph, they don't even have the new lines painted on yet. A little bit before garden valley it goes from nice new black surface back to loose gravel till Banks. I'm not sure about the pilot car situation since I am usually only on it between about midnight and 6 a.m. while coming home last night at about 3 a.m. they still had equipment out working on the road so maybe they will actually get done in a decent amount of time for once. :bs:
  3. Also a friend of mine came back that way yesterday and said it was about 75% completed and to give it a few more weeks before riding it.

    I wonder if they are they sweeping up the excess gravel? I forgot to ask him.