Back to Boise... soon!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I grew up in Boise and after spending 15 years elsewhere I've decided to move back this summer. Currently live and ride in San Diego/Baja these days, but am getting excited to explore scenic dual sport routes and intermediate+ singletrack around Boise and the rest of the state. I have a Beta 500 for desert/dual sport trips, and will be buying a new 2T woods weapon within the next couple months. I'm hoping to ride a Sherco 300 next month in Pleasant Valley with the rep (Jeff). Stoked to ride some dirt with you guys.


    ps. Currently looking for a job in engineering/consulting/technical in Boise. I have 12 years experience as an engineering/environmental Project Manager.
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  2. Jeff smoked me on my Husaberg 500 riding his 300......not that I am fast.....but that 300 is really nice. You should come out and demo one of his trials bikes when we ride. After a couple of times you'll be hooked.

  3. I'll be moved to Boise with my 2 Betas (300 and 500) by this weekend, and have taken the entire month of September off work. I'm ready to ride! Assume I'll explore Boise Ridge trails solo, but am looking to check out Pleasant Valley, Idaho City, Baumgartner trails ASAP. Mid-30s, intermediate+ skill, I ride a lot. Where/how is best place to start meeting new singletrack and dual sport riding buddies?
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