Baby Seat strapped on!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by **Rookie**, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Hey guy,
    if you were at the last group ride we got a good laugh out of strapping on a child seat with a doll inside and going for a ride! We'll I was checking out some pics from the Dragon and found someone had already beat us to it! There is alot of cool pic from the dragon update every month at if you get a chance its worth checking out.. :dblthumb:

  2. :asshat:
    I dont know what else to say, I bet he thought it was such a good idea

  3. I don't know what the problem is...

    Kid (girl?) is all geared up, and strapped in. Dad is on a cruiser and not playing beat the clock on the road. Looks to me like a great way to spend some time with your young kid.

    No one here remembers the 70's?? seat belts running you around in front of him on the XT dirt bike??

    Helemts for riding bicycles,.. yeah right,... gas 39 cents a gallon?? some one ...anyone... :dunno:
  4. Nice Birkenstocks on Dad.
  5. The whole thing just seems incredibly risky to me....But props for the fact that the kid has gear on though I think it was done as a fashion statement more than anything else!
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    That could be mom!
  7. Hey we were just talkin about that, thats :flipa great, lets break it down car-seat the first word is c-a-r-. HA people are flippin funny. Thats insane. Whats next, if she had 2 kids a handle bar mount. Im glad to see stupid, stupid, stupid, crap and be able to laugh.