August 19th: McCall / Council Loop!!!

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Well folks, its time for a nice scenic mountain ride and August 19th is the date. This should give everyone time to plan and give no excuses.

    At 7:30am, I'll be leaving meeting at the gas station on Beacon Light and Highway 55 in Eagle.
    We'll be heading for McCall through Horseshoe Bend, Cascade, Donnelly. After the stop in McCall, I'll head to New Meadows and down through Council and home. The return trip is scheduled to go through Cambridge, Midvale and Weiser but I may head straight down from Council to Emmett if the road looks good where it forks.

    Attached is the image detailing the route.
  2. Oh now this sounds fun, I'll have to see what the better half as plained, I would like to go, but I may be in yellowstone at that time.. if I cant make it gl on the ride.....

  3. Now you guys are talking. I may have to join you. I'll check thee schedule. I'm not super fast but you'll wait right?

    Durka Turka? Come on man it's only a 400 mile day! :) This time I will take my GSX-R I promise!
  4. Hozhead- What's the name of the road that forks from Council to Emmett? I do all my hunting up in that area so I'm up there chasing bear and cougar every weekend for ten months out of the year. Off hand I can't place any "decent" roads that cut out through that way. Unless I'm wrong the only one I can think of right now goes through Indian valley, Sweet, and Ola, and drops out at the Triangle Steak House. If that's the one it's kind of a crap road, mostly dirt. I could be wrong, it happened once before. Just thought I'd check.
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    Actually, its only a 260 mile loop from the Eagle so just tack on whatever mileage you've got to cover to get to the meeting place and you're still gonna be under 300 miles for the whole trip.
  6. Is that all? How did I get close to 400 last time I did it? That was 3 years ago. Hmm. maybe we went down into hells canyon too but I can't remember.

  7. :censored: why do you have to have the good trips when i have my son and nothing when i dont?
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    Its definately not my intention. I was planning this for last Saturday until my head popped out of my butt and I remembered that I'm on call until the middle of next week.

    You can schedule your own ride though, I'm betting we've got enough members now to always have a couple people available.
  9. i am not really upset i just think there is a conspiracy going on here :dunno:
  10. Count me in Hoz, I've been practicing sitting in uncomfortable positions at my desk at work for long periods of time. Usually I'm just staring off into space though, or looking across the street at the day care's astro jump. I'll start practicing to focus... who knows, I might get a project or two done.
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    Just a reminder that this ride is coming up on Saturday.

    So far, we confirmed:

    We've got a couple maybe's with XLR8 and Proeve.

    Anyone else?
  12. Damnit Hoz... my mom's going in for surgery this week. I posted up the situation over on the ISB site. If surgery is delayed again until next week then I can go.

    There's a slim chance I can go if surgery takes place tomorrow or thursday. I'll keep you posted.

    I had forgotten I committed to this ride. :tantrum:
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    I'm so totally going to be doing this ride by myself.

    Actually, there's a couple others I need to bug about it but they don't have net access at the moment so I actually have to CALL!
  14. Guesstimated time of arrival back in boise???
  15. go or not to go. I'm am avaliable but don't know if the "other" boss has anything planned. But i'll keep ya posted.
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    Back by 2pm at the latest.

    I did a 270 mile trip (same distance) a couple weeks ago in 5 hours without having to be rediculous with the speed.

    If we meet up at 7:30 in Eagle and are on the road by 8am, that will give us 6 hours to make the trip which should allot for some photo opportunities and BS sessions at stops.
  17. I'll be heading up there anyway... I and a group of Navy Reservists are meeting at the same gas station at 8, headed up to stay the weekend... I'll be the only one headed up on a bike, though.
  18. Alright, I'm back in. My mom doesn't have surgery until monday, so Saturday will be a perfect. I'm lookin forward to it.

    Where's XLR8- it sounded like he was interested. And I haven't seen Durka in a looooong time.
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    Durka has been lurking a bit but hasn't posted up lately.
  20. I'm checking with the little lady about Saturday. I've been gone a lot this summer on bike trips and I owe her a few rides too. I'm waiting for the right time to spring it on her. ;D Will probably be able to make it but that's our Mt. Bike day.