ATK-605 supermoto bike!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Michael Schultz, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. $3300 or trade for dirt/sm 250F of some sorts. Located at Miller Motorsports Park, Utah.

    This one has a lot of love and even more time on it. It?s definitely one of a kind and was just finished a few months ago. Even the ATK facotry?s one try at a supermoto didn?t turn out this nice.

    -Street Legal: or at least the title says so! (The wonders of having a friend who can get a safety inspection done for ya. The DMV actually gave me a title that says street legal as well. It has tail and a custom headlight as you can see.)
    -1997 ATK 605 (stock engine)
    -Brand spanking new: PBI sprockets and EK chain in blue.
    -Polished exhaust w/modified White Brothers muffler.
    -K&N Filter.
    -Acerbis fender with KTM number plate.
    -Trimmed sideplates.
    -Newly powder coated swingarm with new bushings.
    Newly powdercoated subframe.
    -New Pirelli Syncs.
    -Excel rims (4.25 and 3.5).
    -New Yuasa AGM battery.
    -New TAG fatbars.
    -KTM handguards.
    -New axle and peg sliders.
    -Brand new Harris flag motif grips.
    -New cam belt.
    -Newly powder coated sidecovers.
    -Polished skid plate.

    ATK?s came from the factory with some nice gear. White Power shock and forks, Talon hubs, stainless brakelines with Brembos and alum subframe. You dont' have to worry about opening the airbox up on this baby either. These engines are dead reliable and can make some serious steam with minor mods. they've been the standard for flat and dirtrack racing for year. Parts are readily available and easy to work on.

    I?ve determined that I want something race only since I keep the bike at the track. The license and street legalness of this aren?t doing me any good. Have a one of a kind bike with American pride. This thing pulls like a semi truck.

    I have more recent pictures that shows the handgaurds and other doodads if you want more. These pics are months old when I was still finishing up the final touches.