Arai trim falling off

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Cider, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. So I buy the most expensive helmet on the market, and the trim is falling off. The piece of plastic that encircles the opening at the bottom of the helmet comes off whenever it gets hot outside (which is all the time, lately). The first time it happened, I just taped it back in place, got it nice and warm with the hair dryer, and let it sit for a while. That worked well, but now that the temperatures are 100+ it is falling off again. On side is sticking OK, but I'm using duct tape to hold the other side.

    Has anybody run into this problem? I searched the 'net and found a couple of similar complaints, but no solutions. The helmet is about 3 years old and Arai has a 5 year warranty, but I'd rather not ship it out for repair since I don't have a backup at the moment. I tested a little epoxy, but the existing glue prevented it from sticking well.
  2. Im glad you posted that I am currently in the market for a new helmet and have bid on several Arai! I would send it back ASAP if I were you. If you need a cheap loaner helmet I have an HJC that I dont use!

  3. That happened to a guy I ride with.

    I bought an Arai Profile helmet back in March and I hope I don't have problems.