Anyone up for a ride through Horseshoe Bend & Emmett on Tuesday evening?

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Hozhead, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Hozhead

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    I'd like to do a ride from Boise to Emmett and around to Horseshoe Bend and then back through Eagle to Boise on Tuesday night.

    It would be best to leave Boise at 6:30pm (I'm open to times though) or later to avoid the traffic and I plan to hit Emmett first to avoid the setting sun in our eyes.

    Anyone interested?
  2. Cant! Poker night at my place!

  3. Hozhead

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    What's your personal life got to do with riding?

    Hit me up on jabber tomorrow at work and I'll get you the :2cents: I owe you.
  4. You hit me up on Jabber! You owe me money!
  5. :bomb: well i will try but at this time it is looking like no
    where you going to meet everyone?
  6. Hosehead are you talking this twesday? I may be up for it but I have to help my girlfriend pick up a car around 5. 530
    Mark 702 498-6630
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    Yep, this Tuesday (aka tonight).
    If I remember correctly, you're in Eagle so that should help with your schedule. Perhaps we could meet at the Albertsons parking lot (in Eagle) at 7pm and ride from there.
  8. Hozhead

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    Thanks for joining me on the ride last night guys!!

    For those who weren't there, we had 6 riders, a bit of rain, a lot of wind and one cruddy dust storm. Everyone made it home safe and the inclement weather didn't get in the way for too much of the ride. Traffic was minimal as well, so that was nice.

    We'll be shooting for a Bogus Basin ride on Thursday but it won't be until 8:30pm or so in order to accomodate 1ce who will be stuck at work prior to that.
  9. That was a cool ride, as long as you don't count the wind or the dust storm. Had to be the fastest group of riders I've been out with in a while... :dblthumb:
  10. Nice to finaly meet some of you yesterday. I am glad we kept to the speed limmits. I still don't understand the MPH to kolomiter conversion you use. Just don't remember having to lean over so much in a 55mph turn.
  11. that ride was a blast, probly the most fun i have had in a while. Until we rode through that torrnado.
  12. Hozhead

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    Two word: Cross Wind
  13. I can handle the dust and I can handle the rain but put them to gether and :hitfan:
  14. It would have literally done that had you been on Bogus with all the cow crap on the road there.
  15. Well while I was at work, I was pissed i couldn't make it till the rain and hail came. But sounds like u guys had a good time anyways. I'll have to ditch work next time or something...cuz we all no ridin is sooo much more important than making money...

    As for the ride Thursday evening, anyone been to bogus? Has the rain made it worse than usual up there? I flew over bogus rd but couldnt really tell if it was sandy or not. I'd say it could b to :bs:y to ride. But if not i'm off at 730. And good to ride anytime after that.

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