Anybody riding this weekend? (June 9 or 10)

Discussion in 'Rides' started by Durka Turka, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I saw at least 15 bikes as a group tonight, going to Idaho City around 6:00 when I was coming from lucky peak. I was really jelous. So if anyone is interested maybe we can arrange an agreed day and time for a ride.
  2. I would love to go riding again, ( for ticket number two ) lol JK, but I am doing a oil change and puting on my sliders, cleaning the bike up drinking beer, umm what else can I do..get drunk and try to ride wheelies,, :joke: on the drunk part...

  3. Sorry I will be gone all next weekend so I am staying home this weekend with the family

  4. Wouldnt it be ticket number 3 and 4? :eek:wned:
  5. Hozhead

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    I'm stuck traveling again so no riding for me. :banghead:

    I'm pretty sure July will be non-stop riding for me because May and June certainly haven't had the amount of riding I was hoping for.
  6. oh yea I guess it was 2 tickets on that one,, ::)
  7. I'm planning on going around 10 or 11am tomorrow, June 10. Check out and look at the group rides section in the forums and you'll see the post. So far its me and another dude. But I just posted it a few hours ago.
  8. Why don't you ride in the morning, and do all that when you get back ???
  9. I might go, depends on the weather.
  10. Wife has AT this weekend, so I have the kids tell about noon, Then my mom comes to get them so I can head off to get the stuff to do my oil change, I got my sliders put on today. I also got my new tank bags today also. been waiting a week for them lol... have fun on the ride this weekend ...
  11. We're meeting at 11 somewhere TBD. My number is 794-3060. So give me a ring and I can tell you where we're meeting. I have to be back in town by 3, so I may have to jet from you guys early.
  12. We're meeting at the Chevron in Eagle on Hwy 55 and Beacon Light at 11 and doing the Lowman Loop. Pest, I'll call you to confirm.
  13. What was the road like between Lowman and Idaho City?

    Is it getting any cleaner?

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    That's disappointing. I'm getting anxious to get a real ride in. It seems like half the season is gone and the best roads aren't clear yet. I'm sure that part of my issue is that last year, I didn't do any real rides until July because I was still a complete newb. This year, as soon as it hit 45* outside, I was ready to hit the road.
  15. sorry didn't make it installed powercommander, to replace tfi system, oil change bmc race filter it does growl pesticide. now i have officially jacked the thread :eek:fftopic: