Anybody dirtriding yet?

Discussion in 'Trail Time' started by knobbyfeet, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Thinking about hitting the boise foothills this weekend. let me know if you wanna join
  2. Hey Rob, long time no ride. ;) I have been out in the Owyhees around Succor Creek and it is mostly dry. Of course I found and got stuck in the one mud bog. Have not hit the foothills this year. Riding Idaho City Friday and Trials Sunday so Sat will be a rest/recovery day. ;) Maybe next weekend or???

  3. Yeah man lets plan on next weekend for sure!

    where is everyone? Did Facebook kill this forum?
  4. Hey Rob, how's it going? What are you riding these days? I recall you traded in your DS for a CR450...back to DS perhaps? Haven't been in the Boise hills yet but considering a weekend ride or next week. Hope to catch up with you soon.
  5. Hey hows it going? I'm on a 2014 KTM 250 Xc-w two stroke now. Mostly just dirt so I truck my bike to the hills and take off from there now. I rode Rocky Canyon up to Boise Ridge road last week, rode until the snow stopped me in the shady spots. Do you still have your KTM? We should go riding soon!
  6. Crazy good riding right now! Thorn has been off the hook, most of the deadfall has been cut out. The Boise ridge is opening up...Humpty and Eagleson are loopable, Daggett is droppable from the top but not sure it's passable to the bottom...Take a saw. Gardiner is still snowed in.
  7. Great riding in the Owyhees too. Until it gets too hot.
    Danskins are now open too.
  8. Im thinking about riding the Danskins on Tuesday if anyone wants to go let me know!
    I have room for one more bike in my truck!
  9. Hottest day of the week at 87..... (see what happens when you get old) How about Wed. or Thurs.? Low 70's.
  10. Well, I could go again on Thursday too!
  11. What kind of range do you have? I think Wayne and I are heading out for the far side of the Owyhee reservoir.
  12. I can go about 80-90 miles. I can often extend that by coasting down hills. Are you going tomorrow? how many miles?