Any Dirt this Weekend

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  1. I'm ready to see this video!


  2. Wow Dave you were really hooking up. Nice video. Fun ride, great people. Thanks everyone.
  3. yeah the back tire never spun once. Im sure it would if I wanted to but I was being a bit cautious so as not to rip any screws out.

    Also I didnt put any music on this video, youtube just makes it a pain with copyright stuff anyway. Can anyone tell any difference in the audio from normal gopro footage? I put on the skeleton back door with a piece of foam rubber.
  4. Sounded good to me. I'm a fan of hearing the motor, more so with sled vids but bikes too.

    Came close to hitting Hemingway today, work. Thinking Sunday if the snow doesn't pan out. Loading up the quad for a rip into the horseshoe pit tomorrow. Should be good fun!
  5. Hey John maybe see you out at Hemingway Sunday. Made some suspension changes (again) gotta go test it.
  6. Maybe, I'm hoping for snow though!

    Great ski/SXS rip yesterday. Chairlift to top of 1/RR on tele skis and the rest of the way in this VERY COOL contraption. Great time!

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  7. Hemingway tomorrow if anyones interested.
  8. I'm interested. Didn't go yesterday. Have to check if I'm working or not.
  9. I suspect I'll get out of Boise between 11 and 12. Sent ya a pm.
  10. Argh!!! I have to work, you guys have fun, take some footage so I can watch it on Christmas and pretend like I'm having fun.
  11. Yous guys missed out. Great weather not much snow left, only in the shadows.


    yeah thats ice and I rode across it
  12. let me know next time Dave. Will have to go with you. weather is nice the next several days.
  13. Nice! I got stuck at work til 3. Ended up on 8th. Glad I didn't end up out there....had some trouble with the bike. Thinking Friday afternoon.
  14. John did you figure out the charging issue?
  15. What days do you have off? I'm free unless I get a service call.
  16. Starter issue was the fuse. :idea1 Tried a sugested mod on the crankcase vent. Its-a-nogood! Back to stock, I'll go rip it this afternoon to make sure all is good.

    Plans have changed, headed up high for a few days. Have fun, looks like it'll be nice this w/e out there.
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  17. Thats an easy fix for the starter. Did you try a check valve on the vent line?

    Supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, if the sun is out im goin riding.